Small Garden Deck Ideas

Garden decking has grown in popularity over recent years with many of us wanting to bring our living spaces outside and create an oasis of calm from the busy lives we all lead. After you realize you want a deck, the next step is to figure out exactly where you want to put one and how big it should be. Take a couple chairs and/or a table out where you’ll want to place a deck in your yard and figure out how much space you’ll need around it. You might want to try marking the area off with a garden hose and living with it for a couple days to see if it works.

At each step, you’ll need to remove the riser and the last deck board or two so you can cut them individually (Photo 11). Once the box was complete, John flipped it over and attached four strips of 2-by-2 to the bottom to raise the deck garden off of the deck. For me any ingredient in a garden that involves hardwood is effectively a deck in one form or another. Use chalk instead of pegs when you mark out the site and when squaring it drive in the wooden profiles beyond the concrete (even if this is some distance from the site). This’ll give you a straight edge from where you can lay the rest of your deck boards. If the site is on a lawn, take up the turf and make sure you have enough drainage.

Rest the newel on the decking and drill two holes through the base of the newel into the decking frame. Also make sure you’re not going to interfere with any underground wiring or pipes where you plan to dig your post holes. If your decking is square or rectangular in shape measure the diagonals to check that the frame is perfectly square (the measurements should be the same). Once the support posts are in place you can measure from the level deck surface to determine where to cut them off. The easiest way to support a deck this size without posts is to dig five holes.

Depending upon the height and size, the deck frame for a raised deck will be supported at intervals with joist bearers fixed to sturdy support posts that are concreted into the ground. Divide the total height by the number of steps to determine the height of each riser e.g. 670mm (26in) divided by 4 = 167.5mm (61/2in). At the lower end of the sloped deck area, once again dig two post holes where previously marked.

Figure out what style of deck and deck boards you like by looking through various home and garden magazines and web sites. Decking will require cleaning every once in a while; timings often depend on the time of year and the Great British weather. Then either use a wooden builder’s square or measure and stick masking tape 900mm from the corner on one line and 1200mm from the corner on the other.

With narrow bands of wood, a deck is capable of diverting our attention from space-deprived areas manipulating the eye away – or on the grander scale pointing out the horizon. Tropical hardwood decking can be difficult to stain and is more expensive than other forms of decking materials. A brilliant idea for this decking is to have different purposed for different levels; perhaps comfortable seating on one level and a barbeque or hot tub on another. To complete your ground-level deck, attach some fascia boards along the visible edges to cover up the bearers and cut ends of the decking boards. It is said you will not see one spider in your shed if you build it from cedar!

If your garden is on a second story deck, or you just don’t want it draining all over your deck floor, be sure to place a plastic drip pan under your vinyl drain tube. For example, composite decking from Trex decking is an environmentally friendly product formed from recycled shopping bags. We constructed right-angle pressure-treated 2×4 supports and secured one to every fourth baluster and to the deck, providing a finished seat height of 19 in. from the deck. Angles can be useful in decks when a simple reorientation adds so much depth to a space. He has published 8 decking manuals and has been designing and building decking projects since 1998.

For the deck frame, you’re going to need a number of uniform pallets in good condition all over. You can get deck stain in hardwood tones as well as more unusual colours which will be water-resistant and hard-wearing. Whatever the outcome of your initial investigations, it would be wise to employ the services of a professional and experienced decking company. The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street is a unique public space that spans three storeys and offers 360 degree uninterrupted views across the City of London. Fix short lengths of deck boards – or ‘noggins’ – at right angles between the joists to strengthen the framework (fig.

This walkway design works best for a gradually curving or straight path—whatever length you need it to be. Generally, if it’s possible for you (or some kid) to pump your way up the proposed walkway route on a bicycle, you can build this project there. Make sure the deck is absolutely free from dust before applying the first coat of Woodoc Deck Sealer.

Before applying the second coat use Woodoc Steelwool over the entire surface of the deck to remove any residue allow proper absorption of the second coat. This will likely require a deep hole and much more concrete than your other footings, but in average soil conditions, this should make your deck secure. Next, we filled the tower with rubble and concrete; after the deck was finished, a mason laid the firebrick inside the barbecue. Start in the middle of the deck making sure you lay your first board across two of the pallets that make up the frame to hold them together. Timber decking can be an economical means of creating a sun terrace or outdoor seating area.

Attach the garden bed sides to the posts with two 6-inch screws at each corner, first pre-drilling and then screwing them together. This can be particularly handy if you are constructing a deck around a pond for example. You’ll learn how maintain your outdoor power equipment, what’s the best type fertilizer for your lawn, how to refurbish your deck and more. We asked This Old House general contractor Tom Silva to demonstrate the proper techniques for building a small, simple on-grade deck. Pallets are not perfect, neither will the pallet deck be. But try to get it as good as you can.

Use the 3-4-5 triangle method to make sure your corners are accurate and that your finished deck looks professional (see ‘How to make sure your elevated deck is square’ section). Complete the outline of the stringer by connecting up the parallel line with the top tread and bottom riser to make a whole shape. The tops of the poles will be cut to fit later once all poles are set and the deck height is finally determined.

A couple summers ago some friends that are new to home improvement built their own rectangular backyard deck and it looked great. Starting at the edge of the frame furthest away from the wall (if the deck is next to the house), lay the first board along the edge of the deck. Decking with posts and handrail can be supported by digging holes, placing the posts in plumb and filling with concrete. This will ensure your posts are all in line and you have a straight and level deck. Give your garden, patio or balcony an affordable makeover with our range of decking.