Insulated Travel Cooler

While a cooler usually sits on the floor and the ice is placed in the bottom and the food put on top, the food is kept cold by contact with the ice. I’m also keen to have a go at the cool cooler – maybe the landscapers fitting the pool next door may have some spare pallets for me! Now measure the height of the cooler and figure out how many slats you need – in my case it was 6 slats for each side for a total of 12 slats. Use the cooler as a template or measure the cooler to determine how long to cut these boards.

So by your suggestion, you would be moving heat from the bottles of water into the air inside the freezer. Build another Keep-a-Cube container using different materials, like a plastic bowl instead of a box, or notebook paper instead of waxed paper. Silicone the joints on the inside with silicon chalking material (use a thin bead) to create a tight seal inside the box.

I first had the Wafers 30 years ago when my mother-in-law made the cake on the box for me. She’s long gone and I was afraid the wafers were….I stopped seeing them at my local Jewel food stores in the Chicago area recently so I went online to see if I could find them and I found this article instead. Now we need to build a frame that will hold the ice box supports and act as extra bracing for the table top.

I used the plastic hardware that came with the cooler (white pieces and gasket below) to attach to the threaded 1/2 inch threaded nipple to the right in the photo. The shape of the box is a huge factor since it is the surface area not simply the volume that is important. Mom, if you’re reading this (which I know you are) make that for the next time I come home!

The player can safely demolish the Ice Box for its components, but demolishing the Chest with a Hammer still triggers Winter immediately. If you want to use fresh whipped cream or decorate the top of your ice cream sandwich cake, then go right ahead. Cooling it down…used Haagen Dazs-three flavors for first layer of ice cream-outer ring chocolate, middle coffee, then inner vanilla. It was a simple matter of 6 screws holding the protective screen on my box fan so I was able to easily remove it and use it for laying out the copper tubing. If you are using pine I’d recommend either painting the project or applying quite a few coats of sealer.

What I’d rather do is come up with a way to make it collapsible somehow so it can fit into a backpack or something but I don’t want to make this build so technical that people with little fabrication skills would have a hard time with it. The box on Amazon looks familiar though, I think I may have seen those cookies at the grocery store but they didnt interest me, I will have to check again.

I used long wood self tapping screws as the metal on the fridge is quite thin and they went through easily with a drill as a screwdriver. Pick a cold, dry, windy day for your ice cutting (to lessen the chances of your chunks melting and sticking together). The time in the fridge doesn’t just chill the icebox cake to a summer-friendly temperature—it ensures that the cookies soften and the icebox cake melds into a unified whole. It would certainly cut down on the surface tension and that might make it easier to slice thinner slices. Antiquing with the wife, I looked at an old fashioned ice box, all metal with heavy insulation.

Let the sealer dry overnight and then lightly sand with a sanding block and 400 grit paper to remove any rough spots on areas where the cooler will be touched. While the walls of a deeply buried ice/root cellar will indeed have the avg yearly temp, one CAN keep an ice cellar cooler than this without the use of electric refrigeration. I think I’m going to have to make this, but I would probably do it upright with a hinged door.

We never had the icebox cake, instead our mother always made icebox cookies — three cookies stacked with plenty of fresh whipped cream in between. The more food or drinks you have in your icebox , there is less air which needs to be cooled down and kept cold. Been avoiding this project for awhile now and concentrating on other headaches and priorities in the boat restoration/refurb process. Despite financial woes, Frederic persisted, and his ice business finally turned a profit in 1810.

To insure a perfect fit between the lid and box, I applied a layer of epoxy, thickened with 407 filler, around the top of the box. A smooth fiberglass molding makes an excellent icebox liner, far better than the stainless steel liners used in the past. I think if I made this again, I will make it in a springform pan like Ina Garten does with her mocha icebox cake. If we fill it with ice blocks and frozen meat it keeps everything at least 3 days even in 80+ degree weather. I’m trying hard to get away from industrial cooking and make my own baked to build an ice box

With the simple suggestions here – improving insulation by filling existing voids, improving the seal of the lid, sealing the drain, and adding an auxiliary icebox for beverages you can probably double the life of ice in the main box. I made the ice box cake using these wafers for a monthly dinner gathering, and one in the crowd said it was the best dessert we had served in 5 years!

Instead, keep a separate cooler full of ice and beverages, which the crew can get into at will. Build a frame of 2 inch by 2-inch oak or cedar for your icebox, 28 inches by 28 inches by 64 inches. This mat is designed to give the water as much surface area as possible to contact the air going through the system. If you want it any better than that, you may have to rip the old box out and start from scratch. My family’s version of icebox cake is chocolate pudding (not instant!) between layers of graham crackers.

Once the project was finished, the melt rate of cubed ice was reduced to about 3.5 ounces per hour. I found your site by looking for a recipe for Icebox Cake and I’ve been hooked ever since. They were not on the cookie aisle, but in the same area as ice cream cones and jars of sundae sauce. It will be using a spill over control valve to transfer cold air from the freezer side of things. As food spoils faster in Summer in Reign of Giants, it is recommended players put their food in the Ice Box to slow down the spoiling rate of food and help preserve food for Winter.

Kosmo I think you are exactly right as our testing goes, there isn’t the crazy amount of condensation that the ice cubes cause. The cake made with Chocolate Mint Thins gets a smashed starlight” mint candy sprinkled on top- but only at the last minute, or the pink will bleed. I sure could use that Dremmel saw to build garage overhead storage to get our holiday decoration containers off the floor so I can expand my project work area. One of the things I remember doing with Memaw is making icebox pickles when there was an overabundance of to build an ice box

It’s like i have to race to the shop now and make this just so i can have a slice. We do that by first placing a draw top garbage bag in the cooler and closing the bag in between openings of the cooler. The sun is your worst enemy in preserving your ice and the reasons should be obvious. I have been wanting to recreate Billy’s icebox cake since we first tasted it about 9 months ago. I kind of want to make it using those Anna’s Ginger Thins and some kind of candied-ginger studded cinnamon whipped cream.

I do know that the wafers are larger than Oreos, so you’d need more Oreos (or less, if assuming two from each cookie) to make the same sized cake. The amounts can either be converted to concentrations before putting them into the ICE table or after the equilibrium amounts have been calculated. Make this for your friends/family and tell them you made it. It’s unbelievable how such an easy recipe can be so kick butt!