Rocking Horses For Sale

Our stock of rocking horses for sale from stock and rocking horses to be made to order does change frequently, so please contact us for up-to-date information. My son that I wrote about having trouble getting on the property ladder has now got on the ladder….I had some ”rocking horse savings” put aside in case a really wonderful horse came along I collect them when I can but son saw a ”First time buyers’ scheme” newbuild just a mile up the road… I gave my savings just so he could leap onto the ladder.

Much later my Mother had a hobby horse made for me that consisted of a long pole of wood with a pair of wheels at the back and a wooden 2 dimensional cut out of a horses head at the front, a handle each side of the head to hold on to. The idea here being I could run down the garden astride this wooden pole and pretend it was a real horse, (not quite the same really, although it was a nice idea).

Victorian inspired rocking horses, each individually carved and painted or polished. In good condition but, has a couple of cracks on the seat, a few wooden covers are missing it needs a Handle. As many as sixty photos of people posing with the horses have been posted on Instagram with the hashtag #PonyHenge. This is a fine rocking horse and seems very well balanced with a smooth finish. During the Kentucky Derby, someone placed the horses in rows as if they were racing. I will deliver to most places in the UK for £85, which is very competitive with present day transport costs.

Sure there are still Australian Rocking Horses over 100 years old; but these horses can only be a Roebuck; since Bartlett only started making Rocking Horses in 1913 and Lou Peets in 1915. Our horses are all hand-carved using traditional carving tools which enable us to achieve in-depth and shapely carving detail. Moving rocking horses, especially large ones, is not easy and can be quite expensive.

We can create a bespoke rocking horse for you which will become a unique treasure for your family for generations to come. We are privileged custodians to some rare and beautiful rocking horses in our own collection, which includes well-known and loved types but also unique unattributed examples. Then other horses kept arriving, flying in from everywhere, he said, and gradually the herd expanded. Specialise in rocking horses for the discerning buyer, offering fine quality hand carved, traditional wooden rocking horses, authentically restored antique horses or restoration of your own treasured rocking horse.

We offer a very wide range of wooden horses in both natural wood or painted finishes and the photographs throughout this website illustrate a small selection of rocking horses our small family business has made over the last couple of decades. The term vintage is widely used; this often means that the owner thinks the item is not new. This enables us to offer a very personal service and to make a horse for you that is truly unique. Children of the 1950s remember the most popular horse from their childhood: the Wonder Horse.

I am always looking for good quality wooden rocking horses, if you have one to sell please email photo’s, dimensions and where it’s located or if you would like your rocking horse identified I will do my best to help. All our Rocking Horses are gessoed in the traditional manner which provides protection for the wood. Hessie Star Rocker Wooden Ride on Toy Children Rocking Horse 1-3 Years Children. It doesn’t have to antique, just have the appearance of a traditional antique rocking horse. David is an accomplished equestrian artist and treats all the horses as 3D blank canvases.

The rocking horse was then gessoed as all antique rocking horses, undercoated, painted and dappled and slightly antiqued, then finished with many coats of varnish. Sasha Douglas is a professional artist who has experience with real horses, a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a deep passion for classic rocking horses. There are very few turn of the century Roebuck Rocking Horses still in existence; so; if you see an Australian Rocking Horse labelled as Antique” then you can be 99% sure it is mislabeled. I may have to re-think my Ebay strategy some I think I’m just too hungry for a deal to post a high automatic bid.

Megan Kate Nelson, a Lincoln resident who has documented the growth of the hobby horses in videos and pictures, has a different recollection. Collection of magnificent European carousel horses and rocking horses in original paint(. If you are not sure about the legitimacy of a Rocking Horse; contact a reputable Rocking Horse Restorer; NOT and Antique Shop or Dealer.

We are also proud to be one of the largest restorers of rocking horses in the UK, with our unique tailored service, you remain at the heart of the restoration process. We are specialists in the sympathetic and authentic restoration of old and antique rocking horses and even the most dilapidated of horses are transformed to their former beauty and usability. Some people — mostly cyclists riding through — call it PonyHenge” for the way the horses are sometimes arranged. Many times on auction sites etc we see horses which are incorrectly labelled as Vintage” or Antique”.antique wooden rocking horses for sale

One horse sold unrestored for £3k was given an unsympathetic restoration-a bit white and bright and plasticky-and was up at £6.5k. SayWHAT?!!! The only vintage carved horses you would typically find tool marks on would be homemade or folk art toy horses, not commercially carved toy horses or carousel horses. As prices stand, expect to pay about £2,ooo for even a small bow horse-and often these have been restored in an unsympathetic way.

Even the biggest rocking horse can be pushed against a wall out of the way, but to look their best, a lot of space is needed, particularly if they are to be ridden.Broken ears are testament to the horse headbutting walls as he was ridden too hard. A life-sized rocking horse, re-imagined by designer Frederik Roije Made of wood and finished with a durable coating. Over restored horses lack a certain something, and a genuine horse should look ”old”. There were some old English Hide Covered horses made; as was some early Australian ones made as early as 1948; but it is highly unlikely these will have survived due to shrinking and hardening of the hide etc.

In the meantime I still look longingly at these beautifully made rocking horses and wish I had one to admire in our current surroundings. Although there were others, such fine rocking horses were almost exclusively the preserve of England at the height of Empire. A Swedish painted toy horse from the 19th century with original leather ears and horse hair tail. With their heads turned to one side and friendly facial expressions our horses are beautiful works of art suitable for riding or as an ornamental sculpture. There is a good chance I won’t ever find another authentic antique horse in that price range again.