DIY Rabbit Run

What we did gain clearly was the ability to customize our cages to our barn: we made them just like we like them and made them to fit our spaces exactly. Smallwise Trading Pet Play Pen Dog Rabbit Puppy Playpen Cage Folding Run Fence Garden Folding Mini. Listen, I have called Chance, and talked to him about the run wolf run, and I guaruntee it will not be scary. A vet opinion must be sought quickly as any rabbit in pain is prone to the onset of gut stasis, a very serious and often fatal condition (see separate article).

Show children’s friends where rabbit lives and how to pet at times when only 1 or 2 friends visit, and then make sure the rabbit is safe during the visit. There are also several products that can be lightly sprayed on the fur of the rabbit being chewed” which have an unpleasant taste, and this can also assist in helping the rabbit to change his/her ways. Make an opening in the panel that’s big enough to let your rabbit go in and out. If your rabbit lives outside it is important to consider its welfare through the winter.

Different rabbits like different toys so you may need to try several out to discover what your rabbit likes. Finally, don’t forget to protect part of the run from extremes of weather with a cover of some sort (it need only be a tarpaulin), not only to protect from rain and snow, but also from hot sun. By providing simple, reliable rabbit information in a library of documents and links, it is designed to be a useful resource for experienced rabbit owners as well as an easy way in for those new to rabbits. These rabbit runs come in various sizes from small to quite large and can be assembled your own rabbit run

There needs to be room for your rabbit to move about and lie down, as well as space for food, water, litter box and toys. If you keep their personality traits in mind, it is easy to build or buy the right kind of rabbit cage. It is very important for your rabbit to identify the cage as his property so that when he leaves the cage to explore your house, he will distinguish the family’s area from his own and avoid marking it. To encourage this, make his cage a safe place. The building can have a permanent run attachment to allow for further space and access to grass, fresh air and sunlight. Standard rabbit hutches are made using wood, roofing material and metal wiring.

The hutch must have two separate compartments – a day area with plenty of light, where your rabbit can eat and play; and a sleeping compartment that is enclosed, sheltered and allows your bunny to cosy down in privacy at night time. We built our rabbits a fully enclosed run so we can leave our rabbits while at work and still know they’re safe. If the run is of the type that does not provide housing or shelter of any kind, then you need to provide some.

Unlike other metal rabbit runs, this has been designed to blend into the garden, so it won’t be an eyesore and it will keep your rabbits safe from predators and other pets. A garden shed or outhouse is an ideal location for your hutch over the winter, as it provides shelter and protection from predators. This can be placed anywhere in the house but common sense dictates that it should be in the room that the rabbit spends most of its time; for most people this is the sitting room.

So pleased with the walk in rabbit run, my rabbits definitely approve and love bouncing around in it, I have set up the 6 x 9 foot and love that I will be able to make it even bigger for them in future. They charge 3 or 4 times as much as the same item can be purchased from rabbit producers and rabbit equipment suppliers. Binkys are high in the air, twisty jumps that a rabbit does to let off excitement.

Although rabbits have snug coats they don’t like to live in a draught and certainly don’t want to get wet and cold so make sure you position the hutch in a sheltered place. Or add bits of wood to create a step effect and allow your rabbit to have more grip on the ramp. Therefore separate areas should be provided for these different activities within the rabbit housing. The run has a removable roof so that the family can get in & interact with the buns but also can cover it to protect them from the elements & predators. Rabbit hutches, small rabbit hutch, giant rabbit hutch, wooden rabbit hutch, plastic rabbit hutch and more.

Make sure the place has proper flooring allowing the rabbit to hop, stand, and run without slipping – a concern especially important for older rabbits. Do not purchase the rabbit mix with the colored treats – this mix is not good for them. Fill boxes or tubs with shredded paper and hay to allow digging and provide tunnels that they can run through. Though these are called cat toys, my rabbits often snag them right from under the noses of my cats, so I think they almost work better as rabbit your own rabbit run

However, once your rabbit is familiar with your home, once you know what your rabbit does, and once your house has been fully bunny proofed, there’s no reason that he or she can’t have run of your home even when you’re not there. Starting out, let’s aim to build an affordable, durable wire rabbit hutch for the outdoors, in a spot well-ventilated and lit, but that also can be adapted to limit the draft in colder weather (having fur, remember that rabbits can withstand the colder temps more easily than they can the hotter ones).

If you do not know what your rabbit has been given in the past as far as vegetables are concerned, it is best to start with something safe like celery. This is completely normal scent marking behaviour and usually increases in frequency if the rabbit is put into new surroundings. Since this is too short for most bunnies to stand straight up, I make each wall 2 panels high, tying on panels one at a time, then to each other. If your run is static, you should run the Twilweld into the earth to a depth of about 8 inches at an outward angle. Provide around 1,5 meter square per rabbit and define different areas (play, rest, eat).

Personally, I think these reputations that these big companies have should be destroyed if they continue to sell these diabolical excuses for rabbit homes, especially when they know full well that they are too small. One of the huches is a 2 storey thing, so it provides shade to itsopen area underneath, however I have also attached some corrugated garden shed roof material to half of one of my roof panels. You will need more wood preservative to protect a shed than you would if you used a hutch.

This is covered extensively further down at the end of this rabbit care article, so scroll down towards the end to find full descriptions and photographs to help you correctly identify the sex of your rabbit. I’m building a PC and have my components picked out and funds ready to go. But right now I’m working on choosing the right type of pipe to use for desk legs for a desk I want to build to house this PC. So while I’m building a PC, I’m looking at different types of plumbing pipe. That said, your rabbit should be either in a large cage or in a rabbit-safe, closed-off room when you’re not around to keep an eye on him.

Did you know that rabbits are ‘crepuscular’ so they are most active at dusk and dawn – this means they prefer to run around very early in the morning, probably before their owners are up and putting them into a run, and again during the evening, possibly once they have already been put to bed for the night. Sometimes barriers can be erected to keep them from the corner that they want to dig in. I check the material I cover the spot with regularly to insure that my rabbit has not chewed or moved it to create damage. If it’s not possible to turn the rabbit house around then put something just in front to block any direct wind.

Great thanks – I have a clumbersome run that’s hard for me to move around on my own and the bolt ‘system’ you have used looks better then mine so I am going to try this for myself as I don’t think the run needs to be that high ( as I have). If the front feet are affected as well the rabbit will often shake its front paws and appear to bite them, but this should not be confused with the shaking of the front paws that often happens just before a rabbit washes its face. It is a good idea to make a top for the run to stop pesky cats tucking into the Guinea Pig, I have actually made one but didnt include it in the instructable.

Giving pineapple juice to help dissolve the fur is a total waste of time (unless the rabbit likes it of course) as scientific tests have shown that the fur would have to be sitting in a pool of the juice for several days for it to have any significant effect upon the actual hair. Assuming that all is well you can then add a small piece of broccoli and so on until after a couple of weeks the rabbit is having a selection of green vegetables every day.

Wood – Well seasoned beech wood is the best type of wood to have your rabbit house made of as it is non-absorbent, strong and durable. Also, remember when making the roof, to put it at a slant so that the rain water won’t build up on it. You can add pieces of stick-on cabinet liner and top it off with towels or carpet to keep the wood safe and your rabbit comfortable.