Over 30 Wooden Handmade Gift Ideas

Each week I’ll be sharing some handmade Christmas ideas from our archives. Cribbage has a storied and manly history , and it’s the perfect game to play on a cold and snowy Christmas evening. If you’ve already got a good gift but it doesn’t match the wooden theme, add this personalised wooden postcard which comes engraved with a beautiful ‘I love you’ message to keep it on theme. Just a quick note about the baskets you link to on Amazon (for the treasure baskets) – a couple if months ago I bought one of those exact same ones to make a treasure basket for my 7 month old.

These wooden initials will look amazing on your mantelpiece or displayed on your bookshelf. We have compiled 112 of the best DIY gift ideas from around the blogosphere so you can make everyone you know a thoughtful gift that they will actually want to receive. With a little wood glue and imagination, painted 2”x2” wood pieces are topped with wooden balls and then dressed with fabric and a twig shepherd’s hook. If you are in business and looking at sending xmas gifts to your clients, talk to us about volume deals.

Next, use the whole punch to make a whole to tie the flags onto gifts, and then write the lucky loved ones name on them with a gold leaf pen. Like all of our hand crafted wood products our lazy susan turntables are constructed from natural hardwoods, harvested in North America and made in the USA. Buy a bottle of champagne or fancy wine and present it in this beautiful, personalised wooden wine box It’s made from oak and is lined with silk. There are quite a few Mason jar crafts out there that would make fantastic Mother’s Day gifts, but we especially love this delightful sewing kit project featuring a genius pin cushion lid.

Image above: Buy a simple set of white mugs and transform them with pretty botanical drawings or a personalized message or sketch. To make the gift tags, cut 3 inch long strips of veneer from the roll and then snip a small triangle from one end to make a flag shape. Place the wood on a self healing surface and cut out the tag using the craft knife and ruler as your guide.wooden gifts to make

I personally select each pen blank for my handcrafted pens and pencils, from thousands of blanks, trying to find the perfect piece of wood to enhance the final appearance of the unique wood gift it may become. At present we are still working to schedule and able to dispatch your individually handcrafted wooden ring in 3 – 5 working days. So I recently made a batch of these painted wood gift tags to have on hand for that extra special touch that I love so much. I’m just buying the supplies for my kids to make these for the grandma’s for Christmas. I’ve been making and selling traditional wooden toys for 32 years here at Corris.

All you need to create a selection of personal and unique creations which look far more expensive than they have cost to make is a selection of wooden blank shapes (e.g. hearts, stars, plaques..) which can be bought from eBay at very little cost. Here are a few creative ways to use wood for Christmas decorating, and all using supplies from around the house. They’ve work really hard to get them done in time,” Millay told WKRN, with over 200 hand-crafted toys ready in time for Christmas. A Beautiful Mess has created a swoonworthy DIY print that would make for a great homemade wedding gift. Just some basic supplies, hinges, dowel, wood knobs, a steel bowl and creativity.

I actually have an etcher that I never use, so this is going right on my to make list for Christmas! Stop by our booth at Patchwork Show in Santa Ana, California on November 30th and make your own set of complimentary wood + washi tags. If you have a green-fingered other half, treat them to a plant for their collection and present it beautifully in this personalised wooden plant crate This one comes with mini Mediterranean trees – ideal if you honeymooned in the Med! I’d even make an analogy to a blank sheet of paper…if they weren’t pretty much already the same thing… Annnnyways, here are some grrreat ideas! Pro tip: Practice a design on a scrap piece of paper before you commit to your piece of balsa wood.

If your husband is a dapper gent, treat him to this personalised wooden collar stiffeners He can wear them every day and keep a treasured gift close to his heart. Travel Tic Tac Toe & Tricky Triangle – wooden wheel pegs and a block of wood all kept in a basic drawstring canvas bag. With Thanksgiving arriving next week, I’ve been dreaming up alternatives to the standard host and hostess gifts. If your employer matches gifts to Athletics, we encourage you to enclose a matching gift form with this membership application. Make an adorable stone tic-tac-toe game to match your child’s favourite colours, like this one from Eighteen 25.

When all else fails, a wood sign with a favorite quote or scripture or verse from a song always always works. These wooden gifts are more traditional, especially in a time when screens inhabit our lives and most toys require batteries. Take two minutes and make these Dreaming of You” pillow cases from My Handcrafted Home to add as a gag to a more significant bed or bath wedding gift.

My brother-in-law also created a pre-made amplifier just for this project that sells for $26 , if you want to make things easier on yourself. So why buy off the shelf items when you can become a part of the dedicated list of customers and celebrate life in commissioned wooden art. Find gifts for all celebrations, whether it’s to mark a wedding, a landmark birthday or a new arrival.

Give give your 11 year old a ruler and a straight edge and have him make lines every 2″. For a set of double 6’s you will need 27 dominoes. These glam glittered spoons will make fabulously cheap and crafty bridal shower favors that your guests will actually enjoy using! We thrive on making personalised and unique gifts in Oak and hardwood, and nothing excites us more than a new challenge.

We do love a pun here at hitched so we’re big fans of this personalised wooden ruler that comes with a ‘wood you believe it’ message. Wine, cheese, flowers…while I certainly wouldn’t turn any of these hostess gifts away (side note: anyone who wants to bring me wine, cheese and flowers on a regular basis is welcome to do so), crafting up something with your own two hands is a wonderful way of showing your appreciation on a more personal level. I had a wood burning kit when I was a kid and LOVED it. Time to get one for my grown-up self! We produce a range of hand crafted wooden items for the home, both decorative and functional.

With it’s classic label shape, we think our bamboo gift tags make a perfect partner with any gift given in a beautiful old kilner jar, whether it’s yummy grown-up marshmallows, home made biscuits or very posh and strong coffee! It’s surprisingly easy to transfer a printed image onto a canvas—and make it look like you painted the realistic pic yourself. Similarly, the wood used in making the pepper mills and other kitchen accessories is also hand selected from a large selection of exotic and beautiful hard woods.