Chinese Vintage Foo Dog Wood Carved Bookends

EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE brings the thrill of estate sale shopping online. Transplanting ice carving techniques into wood, Chris represents a new generation of carvers who are pushing the art of wood sculpture into fresh new directions. The subject, the size of your sculpture, the type of wood used and the finish are all up to you, the customer. Today I used a wood burner to create deeper ridges for the treads and the whitewalls on the tires.

Once a piece is done I set it on the floor for my dogs to happen upon it when they next come in the room,” he says. The next step in the process is to finish paint the wood carving in the most realistic and artistic way possible. Hand-crafted by skilled Balinese Artisans using Tropical Albesia wood and hand-painted. After being carved the dog is set aside, either indoors near the wood stove in winter or outdoors when sunny weather prevails, for a few days or couple of weeks to dry before prepping the carving for painting. Once we have acquired the 3D data to machine a model we can carve it into wood foam or any material that can be machined.wood carved dogs

For raised carvings, I worked out a system using a laser and guidance from friends to create a surface pattern on the wood consisting of raised lines that guided me as I carved images.” As he labors, Davidson gages his progress using a bamboo skewer and his fingertips, which serve as his eyes. Finely carved dog holding a hollowed treen barrel; possibly for snuff or liquor.

The wood is from trees that have succumbed to natural processes of age, disease, lightning or wind. Once you select your breed, the website gives you a choice of wood style and color. On a less celebratory note, I picked up a nice piece of hard wood and cut out the base for the carving. Today, I did a little extra detailing and painted them up. I also carved a little gear shift lever that’s at the driver’s right paw.

A couple of location lines on the template and wood help when re-aligning the template for the addition of extra detail later on. I have then carved with gouges , then microplaned then rasped and sanded to reach the rough shape. Chris FoltzChris Foltz is not only a master wood carver, he’s an award-winning ice carver and accomplished executive chef who teaches at a culinary college. Of all the dogs whose likenesses he’s carved, the most challenging, Racer remembers, was definitely a Basenji named Ida Mae from Chicago.