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A Victorian-style cottage with a timber picket fence in Australia is given a contemporary look and feel with a vibrant yellow and white color scheme by Horton and Co. That makes it a lot easier to fit the long horizontal cross-beams, for example, and to drive the fence posts into the ground. If the gravel boards do rot, they can be replaced without having to dismantle the complete panel fence. Here’s our common sense guide to wooden garden fencing maintenance and how to keep it in the best possible nick for as long as you can, based on our own experiences.

A fence of metal offers timeless elegance with its ornate ornaments and distinctive individuality. Garden trellis not only provides a stylish and practical way to screen unsightly areas in your garden, it can also create a colourful focal point. From along the line of the fence, about 300mm (1 ft) on both sides of the line, more where the posts will go. The plants can be replaced after the fencing has been erected. From garden gates to edging, look no further than Homebase for all your stylish landscaping solutions. Failure of wooden fence posts can cause the fence panels to fall, leading to damaged property and gardens. Wood fence panel maintenance often means repairing any damage to the panels themselves.

The first time around we replaced the posts with good quality, properly-preserved wooden fence posts, again set carefully in blocks of Postcrete. Depending on the garden site, purpose of the fence and budget, it is possible for community volunteers to build a strong and durable fence. For a more decorative style, Continental panels provide a more contemporary design and often have inbuilt trellis sections incorporated into the panels. DO NOT forget to allow for the width of the fence posts when calculating the sizes required.

Where deer pressure is severe and losses cannot be tolerated (such as new fruit orchards), you can deter deer effectively with a 3-D electric fence. If erecting the wooden panel fence across a slope, the top of adjacent panels can be stepped to more-or-less follow the slope. It seals the wood while allowing the grain and color variations to show through.

Remember that where the panel fence is to run along a boundary, the fence posts should be positioned on your side of the boundary; by ‘custom and practice’ the fence is normally attached to the posts facing the neighbour; but this is not a legal requirement. The Fence Stores group also has large, multi-purpose fencing centres in Somerset, Devon and Hampshire.

It also helps if it contains a mildew killer, which will slow down the fungal growth that also plays a part in weakening wood. Looking at the gallery of garden fences ideas you will find various designs, sizes and coatings which are a symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics. In any case, the power washer’s spray will slightly raise and roughen the grain on smooth wood. Traditional fencing panels are the most popular and common options in the UK as they are cost effective and provide sturdy but stylish protection for your garden. Here are two ways to create a three-dimensional fence to keep them out of your garden.

The company can supply only or supply and fit Garden Fencing, Decorative Fencing and Security Fencing to customers’ specific requirements at extremely competitive prices. If budget is a major consideration then the lap panels available from garden centres and DIY outlets are probably the only viable choice. Some decking oils also contain fungicide which will help to protect the garden fence from mould, algae and fungi.

If they attempt a jump based on the more visually prominent inner fence, their front hooves will likely connect with the outer fence before their rear hooves leave the ground — a critical detail for a successful zap. Twice-monthly advice for bringing your home outdoors, from year-round yard upkeep and planning to the wonders of making your garden grow, plus special wood fence