My Custom DIY Insert Plate

Upcycling” is the creative art of turning discarded items into beautiful or useful objects that are better than the original material. That way after the screw goes through the router lift and starts to go into the extension wing the mushroom that will be formed will have a little bit of expansion room into the countersink thus allowing for a snug connection between the two layers of plywood. Fitted my Makita Router to it with ease- there is a slight pull down with the heavy router (6kg) but nothing to write home about. Later on, I actually ended up losing the table as I needed to consolidate space in my shop, so I built a brand new table top as a wing on my table saw. To make the dust collection really efficient a much larger hole is cut behind the router bit hole.

I have my router table mounted on the right side of my table saw between the front and rear fence rails. For the person who prefers predrilled, you have not wasted money buying a plate in the box. In fact, making personal choices in tools and setups is an essential part of craftsmanship. The 40-001 is a pretty good example of a standard benchtop router table and comes with pretty much everything you need to undertake any wood-working project. For this, I loosely followed the Fine Woodworking article which inspired me to build this router table.

Ps before you say just buy one……. i am saving up for more important tools like a thicknesser and the router will only get used now and again for making frames etc. Because the new base is thicker than the old one, you’ll need to make sure that the screw holes are deep enough, and the screws long enough, to get plenty of bite into the router base. Bit opening you don’t worry about, the router plate takes care of that and you just cut an outline for the plate. But as I said, if you have a template, you can get it perfect with a router and pattern bit.

Thanks again JK, i was going to build a fence with two parallel cuts secured by 4 bolts, however your idea of one bolt swiveling makes sense. The Bench Dog 40-001 Protop comes with a 16-by-22-inch working surface with a plastic laminate top and the Clear acrylic insert is compatible with most routers. One ingenious option I’ve always found attractive is a table attached to the underside of an open bench.

In that situation, we recommend you remove the router from the table when not in use (at the end of the day, if you’re done with your project for the weekend, etc.) to reduce the downward pull on the acrylic. I find this approach easy to follow as you can visually glance at the layout or reference diagrams and know where on the final assembly that particular part will end up. There are two versions of the build in the plan.

I decided to purchase the Bosch 1617 EVSTB router which has some router lift style features built into it. In the comments from my last post on the router table, Ben Johnson and I were thinking the same – he suggested I look at this style of router. Note that if you are attaching a predrilled 2″ hole ProPlate to a Bench Dog router table, the screws you need came with the router table. I would have also added at lease one T-track in the table to attach accessories.

I was thinking the whole point of one is so you can remove the router from the table easily for bit changes or to use freehanded as well. I’d like to offset mine to the rear of table more in case I want to edge a wider piece and have enough table under it. The large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted in 0.025mm steps to tweak the width of a groove or zero the fence against a router bit. The BenchDog 40-102 ProMax is one of the sturdiest router table we’ve come across and the credit goes it’s cast iron build.

I use the Fein RT 1800 with it. Awesome router too bad them dropped it. Dewalt I think has it now rebadged. Some companies think that making their router table look like ours is a good way to win customers. Then the insert plate can be lowered on top of the bit to form an indent right at the correct location. Remember way back when I made an emergency routing table from a piece of 1/2 inch clear plexiglas. Using the same 1 1/2 inch bit in my drill press, I begin creating corners for a MDF template which my router could ride against. Next, drill and countersink the pilot holes in the base plate for the mounting screws.

Another issue I had was the stock router plate was small which made it very difficult to get my Milwaukee router in and out of the table. Now mix up some quick-set two-part auto body filler and pack it into the corners of the template up to the insert plate to fill the gaps. But is was cheaper to buy the whole Kreg set up, Stand, Table, Fence, Lift, inserts, a bunch of the Kreg accessory and a PC Router.

I have to drill and tap the plate for a starting pin – something I meant to have on my other table, but never got around to doing. The 7539 plunge router will fit if you drop the router into the opening at approximately a 45″ angle, clearing the first handle, and then dropping the second handle. I found that the insert was just a touch too snug, it would not let the levelers do their job, so I just lightly filled the edges of the inset. The casters on the table are just temps, I have some taller locking ones to go on, they will raise the router table to be near level with the SCMS bench.

Since I now had the table saw, other tools, and experience from the first build, it went a lot, lot faster and I was able to make improvements. Most router set-up only require moving the fence 1.5 ” as the biggest cutters are only 3″ dia. The Bosch RA1181 comes with a set of three mounting-plate insert rings, all router mounting hardware that you’ll need to , dual-outlet 15 Amp switch with overload protection, two adjustable feather-boards, adjustable clear guard, starter pin and guard, and two 1/16-inch fence shims.

Our router tables are from our own design, our standards, and our performance guarantees. For about half the price, you can also make your own plate from an acrylic sheet (at least 1/4 in. thick; available at home centers). I also need to wire it, put an outlet inside for plugging the router into, with a switch on the outside to turn it on and off, and I’ll borrow John Lucas’s idea for making a remote lock for plunge shaft function. The table is much heavier than your average table, which minimises vibrations making for a more stable working environment.

Dust collection also preserves the router by circulating cool air if you are running it long and hard. I previously had a table saw mounted router table but my main issue with it was breaking down the router table setup to use the table saw. This router table has to be the best value for money table on the to asssemble and a delight to use. An important part of the table top is the structure which will support the router. The table doesn’t come pre-assembled and you’ll have to put in time to assemble to and make it ready for use.

I also agree that a dedicated router makes good sense, since, with the router lift it would be a real hassle to remove it each time your need the router elsewhere. This bosch router table offers a pretty wide working surface (27-inches by 18-inches to be exact) and an aluminium fence with MDF face plates along with aluminium router mounting plate. With the stop block incorporated into the new router lift that is no longer a problem.

To round out the corners of the template so that it matches up with the router better, the author filled them in with a little Bondo automotive filler. If you like to be able to see through your plate, you’ll need the acrylic, even if you have a 3-1/2 hp router. It is safer than setting your router upside down on your bench, and the larger table size makes it much more stable.

An anodized plate would be nicer, for sure, but free was really appealing when I made mine. I made some changes, but this will work for me and my budget, and still be 100x’s better than the cheap metal crapsman table that I am using now. The surface of the insert completely supports the veneer of the workpiece and prevents it from chipping as the teeth exit the cut.

I spent a little over 800 bucks, and that includes a new 3 1/4 hp Triton router, the material to build the cabinets, (mahogany I had from a job several years ago), Woodpeckers makes high quality tools/accessories. I also need to add a switch and outlet so I don’t have to reach under the table to turn the router on and off. Also, the durable, low friction anodized coating makes it easier for wood to slide across the plate. I expect it will be fine – the urethane is very tough and is still in great shape on my first router table and the band saw top. I have a Jessem table, lift and fence with a PC router in it and enjoy it. I also have an OF1400.

There are a lot of factors that go into consideration while reviewing what makes one router table better than the other. This 6mm aluminium insert plate for router tables measures 229 x 305mm and is designed to fit the UJK technology cast iron, phenolic or MDF router table tops. Here is a closer look at the face of the fence, you can see the 3 extra inserts sitting on the right side of the table. While some router bits are really too big to run in a hand held router, this bit is safe, but the hole is just too small. There aren’t a lot of downsides to getting this particular table however there are two.