Thrifty And Chic

Learn my technique for layering chalky finish paint and soft creme wax to get a distressed white wash finish on anything! I stumbled on this great post by chance, but I love the use of wood around the house, and if you can achieve some cool effects like these without it costing the Earth then I’m all for it. If you don’t find what you are looking for, I’d recommend asking an expert at your local paint store. When different portions of a piece of wood are exposed to different conditions or materials, variations in patina and color occur. Something else I thought of last night was to look for woodworking stores in your area, rather than hardware stores. The 1x12s don’t show as much since they’re underneath, so I don’t think their color consistency is as crucial.

There is a Rustoleum clear coat with a matte finish that I’ve tried, but only over paint. The first one shows several different types of wood and several different types of aging attempts and you can see what each one did to each type of wood. I have a 80’s pressed wood headboard that is pretty cool looking, but ugly in its current fake wood finish. Alder is a wood that doesn’t accept stains very well, resulting in blotchy color.

If you prefer a more rustic cabinet design, distressed wood is a great option and there a couple ways to create this look. Add scratches and nicks in the wood with a chisel tip, scratch awl and even a chain beaten against the board. The hint of blue on the chest ties the red, blue and yellow color palette in the area rug together. Antique wood effect ceramic tiles from Fondovalle make this bathroom floor look warm and gorgeous with their soft grain and lovely floral detail. Our rustic x coffee table is done and we did the tea/oxidized stain and it looked great.

If it were me, I’d do a prime coat if necessary, then a coat or two of the reveal colour, wax where you’d like to reveal, paint the top coat and then reveal the base. The more shared knowledge we can harness, the more magnificent our furniture transformations! Julie my wood is new whitewood (pine) just bought and I’m staining it in my kitchen where it’s a lovely temp. Then there are shabby chic mirrors, with the frames transformed from gruesome gilded or dark wood nightmares into something cool, contemporary and stylish.

Turns out you can take a similar approach to giving wood furniture an aged finish—fast. If you’re not stripping a flat surface, you can use a stiff bristled brush to scrape off the paint from crevices. You want the wood to be as clean as possible when you complete any additional distressing steps. When you’re cutting reclaimed wood, you end up with fresh-looking wood on the cut to make wood look distressed

Parsons has used many paint products and finds that milk paint , along with small bottles of craft store acrylic paints for decorative detailing, meets her furniture refurbishing needs. I think your effect is awesome—it’s exactly what I’m looking for—but I don’t have a scrap of my project wood to test it on, so I need to be careful! I have shabby chic- ed it in a pale green with a blue top coat distressed to show the green through. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed our blog post on how to Shabby Chic Furniture for a stunning contemporary look. Jere Gilson, an interior designer and furniture painter who has a booth at Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, says the look is huge to make wood look distressed

This is a great distressing method when you want complete control of the ‘chippy’ when applying milk paint. I have used Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish now on two pieces of furniture I bought at a flea market and my friends and family cannot stop complimenting me, everyone thinks they were store bought that way! For me, the first wipe was just what I was going for, matching the look of the pergola piece directly below it. In fact, the pergola took years of sun and rain to look like that, and we achieved it in about an hour! The pallet wood differs in type and condition so the final results are different.

After sanding it down again it really started to look like the wood was slightly rotted, just like some of the spots on the pallets that we couldn’t use (more on that here ). I have never done it on plastic but I think if you sand the plastic first so that the paint could stick to it, then it should work! Both parts of the Larix collection , wall and floor wood look tiles from Ariana define the design ideas for this cozy modern bathroom.