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Probably the only way DIY is worthwhile is if you want a very large tank or unusual shape. This will reduce the stress on artificial equipment and you’ll be able to maintain your tank effortlessly. A document I found (not specifically about tanks) stated most failures are from silicone separating from glass and related this to surface prep. This is by far the most important part of making an aquarium and you have a few hours to cut and arriss the braces while the tank is drying. These are smart and curious fish who like to have a lot of room to explore and spread out.

Daily maintenance consists of checking the fish for signs of stress and disease 57 Also, aquarists must make sure that the water has a good quality and it is not cloudy or foamy and the temperature of the water is appropriate for the particular species of fish that live in the aquarium. Also, not all your fish food gets eaten so the rest sinks to the bottom and that also needs to be cleaned. Plant life is important in setting up a Betta fish tank because a healthy fish is one that lives in a natural” environment.

Many of the husbandry problems that develop over time as a reef tank ages are compounded by too much rock in the tank. The most common type of glass is called ‘float glass’ which has uniform thickness and hence ‘smoothness.’ Glass is available in a variety of thicknesses. It is quite easy to build tanks up to 30 gallons in size, but larger than this, it becomes complicated…no, make that a BIG PROBLEM!

Then cut strips of masking tape and stick half of each strip to the underside of the bottom pane and leave the other half of the strip laying on the table ( see photo #3 ). As you install each side, you’ll pull the tape up and stick it to the glass. In many cases it will cost less to make the acrylic tank, but after the first three or four have been too severely scratched in shipping to be sellable the cost to the aquarium owner is much higher than the glass tank.

Monthly, you need to roll up your sleeves and vacuum the substrate, clean off the decorations, clean the filter and scrape the algae off the glass. Before going too far in-depth about the positives and negatives of employing acrylic to build a custom aquarium, its important to be clear on exactly what material I am referring to by using the term ‘ acrylic ‘. I hope I can make the point that, its the water that will break your heart, if you underestimate that weight of your fish tank.

If you have arrissed the braces and at least several hours have elapsed, mark the OUTSIDE of the glass with a felt pen about 30mm from the top near each end and then, lay it on one side. For safety reasons, glass tanks must not exceed 36 inches in height and plexiglass tanks have a 30-inch height maximum. It’s going to cost me $200+ for acrylic, I still have to build a stand (which costs money), I have to buy heating and filtration for a tank that large, etc. Or they make small convenient hand pumps to put on the end of the hose to pump the water through to just get started than you pull the pump off the end.

Try to find pieces of glass that don’t have deep scratches on them, try to avoid it as sometimes if you are cutting over a deep scratch it can disturb the cut and break up the middle. Regardless of the condition of the tank when you had purchased it, when in doubt, reseal it. This is a pretty straight forward process of removing the outer seal (leaving the inner seal holding the panes of glass together) and replacing it with new silicone.

It is important to provide appropriate home for your different species, but any object that you put in will collect muck underneath and around it. It must be possible to move and clean around anything that you place in the tank. I am going to use the method of reef building guru, André Silvestre, and demonstrate creating the aquascape of a reef inside a to build a glass fish tank