Woodworkers Against The PBS Show “American Woodshop”

Getting new ideas for woodworking projects is a matter of either dreaming them up, or finding interesting new patterns, taking ideas from others, or attending one of the many woodworking shows that take place nearly year round. This episode of Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac is extra special as host Tommy MacDonald visits his alma mater, The North Bennet Street School. Since working on Mastercrafts I have enjoyed working on and featuring in a number of other TV series, and there are more projects in the pipeline. Great teacher, and I enjoyed the fact that when possible he uses hand tooling and old school joinery.

I think you hit the nail on the head though, 30 minutes is not long enough to show how to build some of these advanced pieces of furniture. As a studio turner, Matthew produced work for galleries as well as national shows. Kepha writes: I am a restoration carpenter from Texas who got interested in woodworking from seeing The New Yankee Workshop when I was young. For the past 18 years now Norm Abram has been teaching us aspiring carpenters what we always suspected: Power Tools are Great”, and I can build anything out of Wood!”. One of the coolest things about this site is the fact that it sells plans for making games.

I sincerely hope that this course will clear your mind of any confusion regarding the many aspects of woodworking. At the time, my thinking was to let John spend all that money to get woodworkers to come to a woodworking show and Canadian Woodworker would show up and try to do a better job than its competitors and in turn, take home those customers. Gehuedesigns writes: I’ve been wathing This Old House, and The New Yankee Workshop, for many years.

Paintercarpenter writes: When other 8 year old kids wanted to watch cartoons on saturday morning I loved watching TNYW on pbs with my dad. Roy shows how to engage the mysteries of the splitting wedge and the cutting edge to shape wood from forest to furniture. We can’t spend all of our time in the shop, and a little TV for the crafstman would be nice. Now that we have our first child on the way I decided that it was time to get TV flowing back into the house. I have been interested in woodworking since high school, but your show introduced techniques and tools, and simplified the process.

Power tools will assist your woodworking projects but remember in an around your home-style shop tools are doing the work even hand tools and you the craftsperson simply guide the device. That aspect is often eliminated from other survival” shows where you have large crews, set up challenges, and nights in the hotel room. Please confirm that you want to add Woodworking Course: Have a Pro speed your learning!woodworking tv shows