15 Planter Boxes You’ll Want To DIY Right Now

There’s no denying that traditional gardens are gorgeous, but they require a lot of work. There are even outdoor planter designs where the low planter part surrounds a mailbox. There are ways to make large outdoor planters lighter than otherwise, which might be of particular interest to you if you want to use them at your home. Square and rectangle planters are practical and versatile, used alone or in combination with L-shaped planters to enclose a deck or patio. If you want a more polished look, building a stone or stone facade planter box can add instant curb appeal to any home. This two-towered planter box bench serves to spruce up the outside of this garden shed and provide a bit of seating to enjoy your hard work by.

Galvanized tubs are fantastic for so many things, and they are just as fantastic as planter boxes for those who are serious about container gardening! If you are looking for flowers to place on the outside of your home but do not have the windows to do it, you could consider outdoor wall planters that attach to the side of your home and provide a nice look. Our covered porch makeover consisted of our DIY curtain rod tutorial and our large DIY planter on wheels. Window boxes are also great if you want plants or flowers just beneath your windows.

Similarly, a mid-century modern planter is an ideal choice for matching a room with other mid-century d├ęcor. Morans new aged care facility located in Engadine, Sydney used many Quatro planters to promote the greening of outdoor spaces. Generally, a good size planter is one that can hold a healthy amount of soil for the plant and also allow room for roots to grow. For greater strength, use 2×2 horizontal cleats (33 in. long for our planter) for each end and 2x4s for the center two joists. Because rubble’s weight helps to anchor a tall planter box, it is an option to fill the bottom of one that may tip over or one that will hold a large tree or shrub.

Planter Pots or Boxes: A planter pot is one of the most common types of planters. These outdoor planters are constructed from wood and delivered flatpacked, the planters are simple to assemble and will make a great addition to your garden. This collection contains everything from simple DIY wooden planter boxes to projects that reuse galvanized tubs, or even large concrete planter boxes.

Some large outdoor planters are designed to be something in addition to planters. Well when it arrived I once again felt blessed by the amazing kizmet I seem to have with these opportunities-not only was it a lovely tall planter that would fit right next to the front door (which has been a spot I’ve been meaning to fill) but it was also the perfect red color to match my red painted wicker porch furniture ! If your planter is against a wall, you can get by with less sun because of the reflected heat. Possible to make the planter box to the size you want just send me an E-mail with the dimensions and I will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also buy potting soil specifically formulated for self-watering planters. Placing large planters on your porch along with outdoor seating can create a gloriously colorful environment. If you’re providing planters in places with natural greenery, that may be less of a consideration, but if the planter will be somewhere in the middle of an office park, or somewhere similar, it may well be a high priority on your list.

Make a sketch of your planter and the dimensions first so you have a clear picture of how it will look and where all of the pieces will go. Using outdoor planters is the perfect way to create beautiful container gardens for your front porch, patio or any outdoor space. We offer our pots in a range of different colours and styles some of which include the Egg pot with saucer, Belly pot, Bowl, Cones, Squat glazed milans, Standard milans, Classic urn, Tapered, Basket planter and more. The Porta Light Brown Stone Planter adds a touch of elegance and class to your home decor.

An L-shaped planter box can fit nicely against a corner or nestled beside a taller planter box, as this one is. These boxes fit wonderfully in any size garden or on any patio. Outdoor and garden handcrafted leisure planters, which are suitable for home, hotels, restaurants and hospitality industry. All are made from highly polished crushed granite and marble and bonded together with a fibermesh, giving you a terrazzo looking garden planter pot that is lightweight and mobile. Turn your now fully formed box over and use your drill to create four or five drainage holes in the bottom of the box.

Here is the planter painted in a bright white exterior paint filled with blooming flowers. Instead, put them in plastic bags, and fill the bottom of the planter box with the bags. Like the previous reviewer stated, moving the boxes into the back yard and unpacking them was more of a chore than putting the bed together. Take a look at our planter accessories too and find everything you need to get your new plants bedded in. We’ve got liners, saucers, plant labels, hangers and more for your planters. You really just need to focus on the outside, since the inside will have planter fabric and plants.

If you are placing a large planter indoors, you could find a spot in the corner of your living room or hallway to add extra flare and take up a corner that otherwise would have nothing there. Most window boxes attach to your window frame, so your house will be decorated with floating plants. Reconstituted stone planter – great condition, no damage but certainly with a patina from years of being outside.

We import all our products directly from their overseas factories, which cuts out the middleman and gives you low wholesale prices on large water features, crushed marble boxes and much more. Metal Containers Create Modern Patio Garden Add glamour to a small garden by using modern galvanized tanks filled with a variety of colorful crops, such as herbs and climbing beans running up metal spirals. This DIY project is simple to put together and produces a planter with texture and pattern. If you are making a planter for indoors, you can use pine or any other type of wood that is suitable for indoor use.

NOTE: This planter is made out of scrap wood that we had left over from a previous project. The wall planter is a decorative and space saving way to display plants, herbs and flowers. I prefer vermiuclite simply so I don’t see the little white stuff in my planter(s) or beds but that may not matter to you. You can buy fish-safe pond liners in different thicknesses and materials at home centers, garden centers and online retailers. If you have a patio or deck, then you’ll find a wide selection of modern pots that can hold bushes, herbs, and small trees.

Wedging the ends of the drain pipe against the planter will prevent potting mix from getting into the pipes. You’ll also find plenty of novelty outdoor planters that are made with unique shapes and designs, including Victorian heads and curing lines. If you are looking to decorate an inside room in your home such as the living room, you can purchase smaller planter boxes or wall mounted planters.These will add a memorable touch when guests come over and also make relaxing in your living room at the end of a long day a bit more pleasant.

This planter is very substantial and heavy (pressure treated wood is heavy) so the wheels are the perfect addition to this planter to make it easy to move from place to place. And while I’m not a carpenter by any means, and I encourage all of you carpenters to add your recommendations in the comments section below so we can improve upon this version, I thought I’d show you how I did it, in case you want to take matters into your own hands too one day, and make a planter for a few dollars, rather than a few hundred.