Hardwood Flooring Before Or After Baseb

The floor was pretty uneven and I leveled that with sleepers and put Advantech on top of the sleepers as a subfloor and I tried to scribe that to the stone and got a rough fit, but not good enough for a finished look. If you were scribing a vertical piece of 1x to a stone wall you would set your scriber distance from the point of stone that protrudes furtherest from the stone itself. It allows me to get perfect scribe due to the design of having the flat surface to lay against not only floor but walls and ceilings which helps to maintain stabile base to get accurate line to use to trim what ever piece you are working on.scribing wood

Once the strip is fastened in place and any adhesive is dry, you can trim the edges flush using a utility knife. You may have to remove a strip of plywood at your landing on the lower flight and top floor to have a nosing overhang in both places.. Nice project, it will be a big improvement. Holding the marking knife in your dominant hand, place the tip of the blade along the line to be cut. Baseboard often tilts inward at the bottom because of the drywall’s tapered edge. So if the base was installed prior to flooring, than it would need a trim molding anyway.

One other possibility is to just let the board run past the door opening if it’s only a couple inches from the wall the skirt will be fastened to. You won’t be scribing exactly where the skirt will end up but it will probably be close enough that with a little work it will fit. Leave the screw head slightly proud so it holds the baseboard away from the wall.scribing wood

This does assume you have a router, but I feel that a router is a necessary tool for finishing any tiny house. On another note if the carpenter didn’t want to come back to finish trim after floors because he has re set up all the tools he could have pre cut all base molding, numbered them and placed them else where in the home like garage, while floors are being installed. Slide the scribe tool down the wall, allowing the small arm to follow the wall as the pencil draws the line, transferring the wall’s contour to the wood on the cabinet.

If you’re doing one-off or serialized work—installing a bunch of baseboards in an old home, or doing the inside of a closet with paneling—you’re going to want to spend the meager $12.95 on the Simple Scribe scribing tool. It goes through a lot of the techniques we were learning as well as giving a much deeper background to the full build from laying the foundations, the frame raising day all the way through to putting the roof on and laying the floor. Be sure when scribing that you scribe past the cut line for the previous tread.

Stock made of palisander wood with recessed brass bracket, hardened steel blade, with measuring window and scale. After hearing from someone else how helpful this tool really is, not just in carpentry work but also in other trades, Marty decided to bring the Simple Scribe to market. The bench top tool is the ideal platform for processing of smaller cell substrates.

Yes, the marker is permanent but I find that works to my advantage in certain situations especially when scribing back splashes. Hard surface flooring needs to be installed prior to base molding if the customer does not want a secondary piece of trim molding. However, this design makes the marking knife harder to use in multiple directions, so it is not an ideal tool for complex scribing or tracing around hinges or hardware. This process is dusty and tedious, but less frustrating than scribing the wood. In these situations, the best finish is achieved by scribing the countertop to fit the wall.

Carefully because you don’t want the floor damaged, nor do you want them cutting through a vapour barrier on exterior walls ( if there are any). Then when he started hiring the trim out, those carpenters held it up off the floor so the carpet layers could tuck the carpet under the trim. Messy tedious work; but nicer than scribing and ALL HW companies require an expansion gap at the edges of the floor. Even the best trim carpenters use files, rasps and sandpaper to clean up their cope cuts.

I also stand by my comments, I realize that you can scribe the base molding, but that does not mean you should, For traditional homes, the shoe molding is part of the trim package, not just for amateurs. Personally I am not a fan of baseboard first against subfloor because I don’t like the base buried but it can be done with a gap and shoe moulding. Place the wood near the wall and parallel to it. Lock your bow compass at a setting that spans the gap, even at the widest point. Conventional scribing techniques of trying to set a compass scribe and keeping it set, or cutting blocks of wood to try to get the right thickness both left a lot to be desired.

The tool is designed for single part processing, with manual load and unload for low volume production. That’s easy when you can lay out a couple of beams on the floor before installing them, as we’ve done here. The Thingamejig scribing tool is constructed with lightweight anodized aluminum which means it won’t rust. In my recently built home, I had the prefinished wood floors installed first – and then the baseboard. Now, take the skirt board off the wall, cut the bottom scribe mark, and slide the skirt board down the wall until it rests on the floor.

If you want to try to avoid shoe moulding the floor should go in first, then the baseboard to cover the gap for the hardwood expansion gap. Otherwise the piece you’re scribing and the surface you are scribing to won’t touch along the entire length. Step one: Butt the piece you are scribing against the irregular shape like it’s going into its final position. In these cases, you just need to apply the scribing technique in a slightly different way. The scribing is accomplished with three blades arranged in a triangular pattern, which can be rotated twice when they become dull.

The new Sapphire Burnishing Tool is indispensable for delicate burnishing of fine instrument parts such as miniature pivot points, shafting and probes. A non-marring plastic pad connects to the circular plate to prevent marring finished surfaces while scribing. Finally, make sure to hold the compass at a right angle to the surface you’re scribing from and maintain this angle while you draw the line. Consider that you will lose some countertop depth, so if the gaps are large, buy a wider countertop and trim it as described below.

The purpose of the shoe molding is not to cover the gap but to allow the molding to follow the floor if there is any unevenness. Scribing is one of those tedious things that I always seem to dread and put off as long as possible, but once it is done it is so satisfying to see. It is much softer (see the Janka hardness scale) and softwoods are usually more reactive to moisture than hardwoods (your reclaimed material will be somewhat less reactive than newer growth wood). If you have a wider counter than you need, you can trim it at the same time as scribing it to fit. If you try the scribing method I believe you’d find it to be fast and efficient.

Then I reached up to the top of the cabinet, measured and set a compass to the width of the overlap of the trim on the cabinet, about5 inch in this case. There are probably almost as many methods of scribing odd shaped areas as there are people doing the scribing… a lot of the time I strike a center line, and a line at right angles across it somewhere in the middle. A double-bevel marking knife has a blade that is beveled on both sides, which allows it to make cuts handily in both directions. Then set the scriber width from the i/s edge of the trim board to the deepest indentation of the stone.

Although pumping a caseload of caulk into the gap is one solution, scribing is more sensible and less expensive. My shop-made scribing tool uses a short Sharpie marker that friction fits into a 3/8” diameter hole. When I grew up in the 50s with original hard wood floors we always had shoe moldings along with the base board. A pen-type scribing tool is useful for marking with a template or a tool such as a square.