Build A Light Box On The Cheap, Take Gorgeous Photos!

It doesn’t matter what you call it: light tent, light cube, light box, macro photo studio, or a mini photo studio… with some cheap supplies, a hobby knife, and a couple of lamps, you can get your DIY on -and- make some gorgeous photos! Many of the photographers we met owned their own photo-studio, though this was not necessarily the standard: it has to be said our interviews were more often with studio-owning kamra-e-faoree photographers because they were easier to locate than their street-based counterparts who didn’t have a studio to anchor themselves geographically (or financially for that matter, making it possibly more likely that street based photographers might drift into other types of work).

Anchoring the soffit to the ceiling requires two different techniques, depending on whether the ceiling joists run perpendicular or parallel to the wall (Photo 1). Along walls with perpendicular joists, simply screw a 2×2 even with the chalk line that’s 24 in. away from the wall (Photo 2). You can buy 2x2s, but they’re notorious for being crooked and only come in 8-ft.

If you aren’t able to hire a photographer who specializes in product photography (and it’s important that if you do hire a photographer, that they specialize in this…photographers are gifted in different areas, and a landscape photographer might not take professional looking product shots), then here is your go-to guide for making your own light box that brings you so much closer to having professional grade product photography!

The first is C.B. Gitty’s 2.5w amp kit (Check out photos below of the step-by-step build). See the three images below for a view of the final setup and a couple of example images with the DIY photography light box. We chose eyeball rings (opening photo) because you can aim the light in whatever direction is best for the task. C. B. Gitty sends out a weekly newsletter chock full of Cigar Box Guitar info, new products and cool news. After completing the box and making some test shots, you may find that you need additional layers of tissue paper to achieve the right lighting.

Using the CD disk again, draw another small circle close to the left side of the box. The app was so successful that we were asked to build One Direction and holiday themed versions soon after its launch. In order to build an all-in-one gaming HTPC that is capable of playing games and Blu-ray movies, then you should install Windows 8.1. The light box shot looks more like natural light, whereas the first shot is very yellow and not pleasing to the eye.

This article was written by PicMonkey Staff, a multicellular organism of hive-minded sub-parts who just wanna get you the ideas and information you crave, so you can make good pictures and take over the world. Loved the light box design but was concerned about stability, so made a couple changes. I did not bother to cut out the interior openings (such as the circles and slits) of the paper templates before pasting them onto the cardboard, as you can see in the upper left photo with the Lens Holder. If you have wavy walls, you may have to cut some sheets narrower to make them fit.

Now that you know how to create a responsive grid of square tiles, we’ll apply those skills in a practical and fun way to create the photo gallery you saw at the beginning of the tutorial. You will need a box (this one is 14x14x14, my first lightbox was 18x18x18), tissue paper or tracing paper, scissors, a box cutter, and tape. He’s using a simple 3-string side cigar box guitar, the same one he’s been performing with since 1996. When Change Cover appears, click it. Click Upload Photo, select the photo from your hard drive, and then Save changes. You stretch it across the fold that acts as a hinge for the door (also shown in the right photo).

I’ve been struggling taking photos of my soaps but thought a light box cost a fortune – LOVE DIY!! Hi there : ) this comment is not about your light box (which is very cool and I think I may implement) but about your thumbprint cookies. To make sure that all three parts are lined up properly, we will use the CD disk as a measuring device, and mark the spots where the slit and the viewing port will go. There was barely a moment the box wasn’t in use and it wasn’t just thanks to Bug and Pip. Pros – I got loads more Photoshop experience and I picked up a few good photography tips.

I was just about to hire someone to take photos for me because i didn’t have a Photo Light Box. I have wanted to make one for a while but haven’t come across the right instructions. I am gonna try this, but I am gonna make one change and try to give the white background solid construction. For the past two years, PPS has been engaging small communities and their libraries through the Outside the Box (OTB) program – a partnership between library service non-profit OCLC and Redbox that awards $5,000 grants and free technical assistance to libraries across the country.

Photographers added their own lens , the only ‘foreign’ and the most expensive component used to make up the camera. So when building or buying your box, be sure you know what diameter your entry hole should be and how much space is inside to make it perfect for your target species. NOTES :: After I was almost finished with the light box I decided to cut off three of the box flaps. It’s not the best box but it’s not as big of an eyesore, so my mom doesn’t constantly want to throw it away—ha!

Once a lightbox is set up (say, on a dedicated table in an office or workroom), with a camera and tripod positioned to focus on whatever happens to be in the box at the moment, perfect product photography becomes simple: you simply place products in the lightbox one at a time and snap photos using the already-configured camera. Slideshow: Displays one large photo at a time within the page, with sequential thumbnails.

If you turn off the flash on some cameras then any photographs taken with the camera in your hands will look shaky, the tripod will keep it stable and make your photos nice and clear. It is quite amazing how much better things look in light box photos – those final photos of Sketchie are gorgeous – so thanks for making it doable. The left edge of the disk should be the same distance from the left of the box as the slit is. Join the wires with electrical connectors and reclose the metal electrical box. Anyone who uses a lightbox probably already would be using photo editing software.

You can change the color of the text, the edge, and the fill as well as other things under the Format menu/Text Box. It was the first time he took box camera with artificial lighting – and he says all went well. Make sure that the supplier of your eclipse filter is reputable and reliable—a few are listed below. Cigar Box Nation member, Henry Delvaric recently completed this wild Whiskey Crate Telecaster with hand-burned edges and parts. To make sure the angle is correct, hold the slit up to a light, and look through the paper tube, adjusting it until you can see the full spectrum from red to purple.