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The wooden cold frame is also ideal for over-wintering your plants, protecting them from the winter weather. The Cold Frame can be placed on paving or pea shingle where the stored heat generated by the stone will help with hardening off; you may want to place the frame directly over crops in open soil or, thanks to our clever design, the cold frame can be easily secured to one of our 1.2m (4ft) square Allotment or Standard Raised Beds for instant protection from the seed sowing stage onwards.

If you have grown some tasty crops you can be sure that if not protected the slugs and snails will get to them first, apply copper slug and snail tape around the top of the cold frame to stop them from coming in, if you have any small gaps around the cold frame base sit your plants on a layer of slug gone this irritates the slugs/snails foot and they will look for food elsewhere.wooden cold frames uk

This sounds obvious, but remember you will also need space around the cold frame to work, kneel down and move around it. Lights” that slide open may also need extra space at the rear or sides of your cold frame so think about the things you’ll do as you use your cold frame. Fitted with plastic safety glass, the timber cold frame also features a lifting lid with stay which provides ventilation and easy access. By September, with biennials planted out, the cold frame can become home to autumn-sown hardy annuals which will happily overwinter here. Temperature fluctuations can be harmful to dormant plants and should be minimized by venting the cold frame.

Comes with insulating twin-wall polycarbonate glazing to maximise plant insulation within the wooden cold frame. Comes with a hinged lid with locking stays to provide ventilation and easy access to the wooden cold frame. It helps to have the cold frame in place at least two weeks prior to transplanting to warm the soil. If the plant is not already in a container, lift and sink the root mass into a large plastic pot, with plenty of room for soil to insulate it. Pack the cold frame tightly with pots, and add leaves or mulch over the soil surface and into any significant air gaps. Some cold frames have lights on both sides, like wings, making it easy to reach all areas of the cold frame.

Quickly assembled, use the cold frame to harden off seedlings so they are ready to plant out. If you love to use tender or tropical plants in your garden but don’t know what to do with them come fall, a cold frame provides a simple solution. To help ensure you buy the right cold frame for your garden we explain the main considerations and review some of the websites where you can buy cold frames online. Wooden frames are sturdier, provide better insulation and look more attractive, but are more expensive. Glass cold frames tend to be more expensive than plastic ones so if you want a bargain bear that in mind.wooden cold frames uk