What Size Window Boxes Should You Use?

A good rule of thumb: Match the width of the flower box to the width of the window. A 6′ long garden bed isn’t unusual, I currently have a 4’x8′ raised greenhouse Guarden bed, and am planning on making a couple of these boxes. And while I’m not a carpenter by any means, and I encourage all of you carpenters to add your recommendations in the comments section below so we can improve upon this version, I thought I’d show you how I did it, in case you want to take matters into your own hands too one day, and make a planter for a few dollars, rather than a few hundred. Just be sure to measure prior to placing your order to be sure that the height of the planter will fit in the 2-foot space you mentioned.long planter box	long planter box

If you only plan to use your planter for flowers or herbs, though, 10 inches will be more than enough. Standard boxes are a good fit for many homes, but sometimes the extra-large flower boxes are more appropriate. The beauty of this planter box design is that it can be built to any dimension that you choose with a few simple steps. The planter isn’t going to move anywhere but it would be a good idea for smaller boxes. Once all of coats of stain and varnish dry, you can start by building the planter sides.

So, I decided I needed to whip up a brand new BRIGHT WHITE planter box centerpiece for my new table. The only problem with my new table is that the finish on the planter box and the finish on the table didn’t exactly go together. On the other hand, shallow boxes look nice on homes with delicate features, since the smaller box and brackets won’t overwhelm the home’s architectural details. Ground ivy: Impressive long stems spill from your window box in shimmering green or variegated tones. If you do, don’t forget to cut holes in the liner to line up with the drainage holes in the bottom of the planter.

Secure the polypropylene root-barrier liner or black landscaping plastic liner to the box by using an industrial stapler or wide, flat nails near the top of the box’s interior. This box should last 10-15 years if you start with redwood heartwood or cedar, and the dimensions are 6 feet long, 6 inches wide and 4 inches deep, and each box will hold three to six sweetgrass plants.

Window box suppliers like Hooks & Lattice usually offer our most popular boxes with standard dimensions and extra-large boxes that are wider and deeper than usual. Your planter box is so close to complete—but if you want it to last many seasons packed with watered soil , you’ll want to line its inside with a sheet of plastic before calling it quits. Three plastic tubs with holes drilled for drainage help keep the plants separate and prevents the wood from rotting away. It took me longer to get the pieces out of the boxes than it did to assemble them.

The vegibox consists of a cedar box supported by an indestructable 2×4 pine frame that will most likely be capable of supporting 2 to 3 times the load it will ever see. Finally, place one screw in each end of the center slat to keep the planter box from spreading apart when it is loaded with dirt and plants. If your style is more country, try adding a rustic touch by surrounding one of your current planter boxes with a split-rail enclosure. Set a 4-foot-long 2-by-4 on top of one of the existing 4-foot-long 2-by-4s on one long side of the box.

Geraniums: Bedding geraniums are the classic window box plant — grown for clusters of brilliant flowers in colors ranging from white to crimson to apple blossom pink. When placing a window box on a deck or porch railing, it should fill the space without making the railing unusable. This planter is a good size for potted plants, but you may wish to add a plastic liner and fill it with soil (add a layer of gravel first). I got up from my picnic table and walked over to the planter in the parking lot and inspected it. Then I circled around it intently. As long as you have somewhere to balance it, a window box is an easy alternative.

And even if you’ve never attempted anything DIY before, constructing and filling your own custom planter is within your grasp. Planter boxes can be paired with a variety of matching garden trellises for attractive and productive vertical gardening. Line the inside of the box with landscape cloth cut to fit and secured to the inside edges of the top layer with craft staples. This DIY project is simple to put together and produces a planter with texture and pattern. Redwood sapwood vs. Heartwood This is the very important key to the longevity of your sweetgrass planter box.

So instead of buying the first planter box you find, check out this collection of magnificent planter box ideas-you’re sure to find the perfect style for your yard or patio! Large window boxes like this can become very heavy once filled with soil, plants and water. So now that you know a little more about my berries, here’s how I made my DIY fruit-filled planter box!

And, most importantly, they capture the look of real wood and they will never be mistaken for plastic. I do feel this item was slightly overpriced for the quality of wood that the box is made with. Provide some type of well-drained base for your box to be sitting on. Crushed rock, some flat rocks, several bricks, etc. We stand behind all of our products, and are happy to help you find the exact planter that fits your need. Lay it inside the planter box so that all sides on the box’s interior are covered by the single sheet of material. You’ll likely be able to receive your window boxes faster if they are not made-to-order.

Stand the half-completed box on its end and apply a bead of wood glue to the inside face of the bottom end frames. Pick out some paint that matches your backyard or home’s decor, or stain your planter to really bring out the wood’s colors. I needed small window boxes for my herbs, but everything I found in stores was HUGE – at least 24 in, and more expensive.

Plastic pots are a lighter and cheaper option and many of them are frost proof, shockproof and UV resistant so they are a great alternative to terracotta. There is a good example of a cover made with PVC piping further down (see comment by Silhouette01 ). A squirrel literally went nuts in our box last weekend and destroyed all the seedlings. Our selection of rectangular pots and planter boxes are the right choice for adding elegance and style to your space. Secure each post to the box with at least two 3-inch-long screws in each corner. Let drought-resistant plants – like this red fountain grass, salvia and sedum – grow wild in planter boxes.

Our knowledgeable service department is here to help you solve these types of problems even after the sale is complete. Remember that some window boxes are protected from rains, so you need to check regularly for dryness. You might want to line the inside of the box with plastic (cutting holes lined up with your drainage holes) to protect the wood from moisture, which will eventually warp and rot it. It’s optional; but it depends on how long you want it to last. Delivery is free within Melbourne metro area, otherwise contact me for a delivery quote.

Plastic, metal, terra-cotta, or concrete boxes can work too, but are harder work with. Keep an eye out for some of the more creative ways to make your planter boxes multi-purpose, including planter box benches and planter boxes that provide a little nighttime mood lighting. Next, lift the top plank, apply wood glue to the sides of the planter box that will be covered, and press the plank back in place. This two-towered planter box bench serves to spruce up the outside of this garden shed and provide a bit of seating to enjoy your hard work by.

It is also untreated which means that toxins won’t leach out of the cedar box into the vegetables. It is a nice box that seems to be built from the leftovers of fencing products. Petunias: Choose these when you want a stunning summer box that shines in the sun. This will result in a rectangular box that is approximately 36 inches long and 19¼ inches wide. We recommend adding an inch of gravel to the bottom of the planter before filling with soil. For a look that’s casual during the day but ultra-dramatic at night, install lights along the interior rim of your planter. Planter boxes can be set up anywhere for a quick and convenient container garden.