Cutting Board Design Software

First of all, I’m blown away by all the kind words and feedback that I have received ever since I first released the original CBdesigner back in 2008 It makes me glad to know that I was able to provide at least some assistance to woodworkers as they pour their creativity into designing their cutting boards. Videogame makers aren’t used to licensing their characters to individual makers and Oehler says I have had to stop selling some items due to copyright issues, and so far, haven’t been able to work out licensing deals.” To diversify his portfolio Oehler has started developing products for math geeks, like a cutting board based on the Fibonacci sequence.

Our wholesale wood cutting boards, laser engraving service and other custom wood manufacturing services are specialised and customized for the specific needs of specialty shops, online retailers, designers, value added laser engravers and anyone who wants to purchase a lot of 10 units or more. Erhaps some ingenious mechanism would allow the cutting board to be moved to one side after being fully extended.

The possibilities are endless, I have seen other’s create diamond patterns, flowers, and waves – just remember to think about your design from the perspective of end grain. Unlike many other companies, the custom engraving on the front of the board is included in the price! They start young with the kindergarten cutting board, which features an illustration of an eaten apple. Regular wood glue is all I use for my cutting boards, typically Titebond II or Lee Valley 2002-GF. Place a roundover bit in your router and use it to soften all the edges of your cutting boards.

The technique is the same as it was for the spoons I shared yesterday, however the density of these cutting boards was different, more solid. Adding to what others already pointed out as usability problems with it is, you can’t see the screen once you’re cutting stuff on it; and because it has a touchscreen”, inadvertent activation of the screen every time you move your fingers while cutting will just keep changing the image! This design has copied Eloise Renouf’s design which is incredibly bad form unless you have contacted the artist first and asked permission. You can either use each of them separately or join them together to make a bigger board.

We can engrave a personal message to commemorate the special occasion on the back of your board. We had a particularly nasty cutting board with food of some sort petrified on. Don’t judge. Both boards are clearly quite used, but I’d say the oiled board looks a bit better – the scratches on the varnished board just stand out more. Simply type in the main url (like or ) directly, instead of clicking through from Design Mom. I am so happy I can toss the cutting board in the dishwasher and know it’s clean.cutting board designs	cutting board designs