My First Bowl

I was thinking of trying some of those mushroom spawn plugs and I just cut down a Chinaberry tree that fell over in the flood. Eastern Cottonwood is the state tree of Kansas and Nebraska, and is sometimes called the pioneer of the prairie; pioneers on the Oregon Trail would look for such trees, as their shade and firewood was a welcome respite, and their presence usually meant that water was nearby. This attractive timber is used for furniture, interior mouldings, doors and turning and carving.

The main toxic components in chinaberry are toosendanin, kulactone, kulolactone, and so on. Chinaberry stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, damages the liver, blocks the normal neuromuscular transmission function, and may cause death by inducing acute circulatory failure and central respiratory failure. No significant differences were observed in the technological characteristics of wood between the two spacings evaluated. Because of this tendency to become invasive I could not recommend using chinaberry in the landscape. Chinaberry has been cultivated and planted in many parts of the world since the 16th century.

Such a vigourous trade resulted from this wood that early sailors and merchants referred to the land itself as Terra do Brasil, or simply, the Land of Brazil”—and the name stuck. TCM wise, Chinaberry (Chuan Lian Zi) should not be excessively or continuously consumed in order to avoid poisoning. The wood is rather soft, however, and care must be taken to avoid denting it in some applications.

Cultivars: Mabberley 79 indicated that chinaberry cultivars throughout the world are variable in form and are morphologically different from wild types growing in Asia. Also, trunk of chinaberry tree is very weak and it easily splits during the storms, while chinaberries quickly turn sidewalks into dangerously slippery surfaces. A member of the Mahogany family , chinaberry is native to Pakistan, India, Indochina, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Perhaps the only wood that was so famous, it was responsible for the naming of an entire nation.

Also stated that the wood has no comercial value…. Would like to see if it would make a bow. Crow’s Ash is an Australian hardwood timber which is mainly used for flooring, boat building and outdoor furniture. Old-growth Cypress is rated as being durable to very durable in regards to decay resistance, while wood from younger trees is only rated as moderately durable. The plywood is used for battery separators, ice-cream spoons and furniture joinery. Common Uses: Turned objects, small ornamental objects, wood pulp, charcoal, boxes, and crates.

Councils and zoning departments who don’t understand or care are making it difficult for a small mill or firewood company to exist in a lot of areas. Longevity: One review indicated that chinaberry may be short-lived 78 Chinaberry wood is weak (review by 33 ) and susceptible to heartwood rot and rapid decay (review by 55 ). Mountain Ash can be used for general construction, such as framing, and interior applications such as flooring, paneling, high-end joinery and furniture. Being an ornamental tree in nature, Chinaberry has a number of uses, but to what extent these uses actually matter is largely debated by people all over.