How To Build A Frameless Glass Aquarium ?

Because of the sheer size of our forum, we’ve been forced to limit selling and trading to members who’ve met a couple of criteria. Silicone in my aquariums smelled too (but only a little), I waited 2 days before filling the tank. I like to set up little hiding places for the fish using a combination of real plants and plastic decor as well. Some species are clearly obvious such as guppies, rainbow fish and some cichlids where they look clearly different with males showing fancy colouring and tail fins.

Never buy a tank with fish included unless you specifically want these fish (See ‘ Moving House ‘). You may have certain needs for one tank that you don’t for another, meaning both types could possibly suit you. If you do buy a second hand fish tank, make sure the silicone seals are in good condition. Reinforced epoxy can be made so strong that you can drop a big rock from 2 metres height straight onto the bottom of the tank without making a dent. Just remember depending on the thickness of the glass you use the larger the tip you’ll need.

You will need to build it where you intend to display it, as it will not be movable without alot of effort. This means that when you see a fish in an acrylic tank, the light has only be bent once or twice. As you will see for yourself soon enough, adding rocks to your aquarium can significantly change and enhance the look of your tank – your fish will thank you! Additionally, make sure that the fish have access to the surface, since they do need to breathe fresh air from time to time.

Most aquariums will have varying stresses and each panel should be calculated independently and produced from the correct thickness of glass. If you decide to ever make any, it is worth it in the end, as instead of going to a shop and buying a 4ft x 18 inch x 18 inch tank and paying at least $150, you can now build one the same size for the maximum of $30. As they have been stored in a warehouse or shopfront they contain dust and debris you don’t want in your tank.

If the fish are from a shop, try to put as little of the bag water into your tank as possible. If the silicone is missing or pulled away (as can be easily observed by looking through the glass at each joint to see if air or water is present in place of silicone), you may need to repair this. The easiest way to do so is get an old piece of carpet, lay it oot in the yard, put your tank on it and fill with water. If you have a passion for living aquatic plants then I thoroughly recommend keeping freshwater plants in your tank. The aim is to get the new tank as close as possible to the condiions of the old one (temperature, water quality).how to build a glass fish tank

And if you get a crack in a laminated glass you are safe to empty your aquarium without panic, and replace the glass. Also, introducing too many fish can cause a lot of stress and possibly even overt aggression in different species. I’ll close with a recommendation that you seek out expert advice when trying to make a decision that could have a serious impact on your bank account. Often with glass tanks, the problem is incorrect construction, poor quality silicone, or of late the use of tempered glass instead of float glass (which is much more pliable as noted a little later in this article). Everywhere you’ll find the rule mentioned as 1 inch of fish for every 1 gallon of water”.

Apply silicone to the perimeter of the glass where it makes contact with the epoxy coated wood inside and out. This article is a ‘must-read’ for anyone considering keeping a Betta fish as a pet, since it gives you a great sense of what the fish require and how to set up a home for them. Allow the silicone to cure for at least 48 hours, and repeat the process for the second pane of glass (if applicable).how to build a glass fish tank

Though you can choose what type of rocks you want to use in your tank, keep the tips and techniques discussed in this article in mind as you decorate your tank in order to avoid problems. The braces should be glass of the same thickness as the sides and be of these dimensions. Finally use float glass as while tempered glass might seem like a good idea, it does not have the strength and shatters easily into small bits.

So, depending on the glass you have available, you could cut a piece 1475 by 100, cut off 375 for the cross brace and split the other one to get the 2 long braces 1100 by 50mm. To further enhance the natural appearance of your tank, work some live plants in and among the rocks in your tank. It is particularly prudent to involve an experienced aquarium professional who can visit the site of your custom aquarium build and make recommendations with some specificity. I’ll repeat, fill in any gaps between the glass (inside and out) to prevent particles becoming trapped there.

With acrylic aquariums, the problem is often incorrect application of the cement that literally melts panels together, which the end result is a panel catastrophically totally failing with the tank emptying in a matter of minutes. Obviously you will now have to leave the tank again for a few more hours for the silicone to set. Place some newspaper on a flat hard surface (not on a blanket or other giving surface) and tape the tank together. A 500 gallon tank would measure somewhat like 120″ x 48″ x 20″ which is really big for maintaining. You can even opt to build two separate structures so close together that it almost gives a ‘gully’ effect.

Auto glass and tall building glass are manufactured to fit a particular size opening. When you bring your new Betta fish home allow your fish to remain in their original water and float them in your aquarium, this will allow the temperature of the acclimated water to reach the temperature of the tank so that your fish will not be shocked when placed in the new tank.

I will also cover other points that will affect the formula and have also included a calculator for you to use. I did have some live floating plants (duckweed and watersprite), and some river jacks for the fish to use as territory boundries. You can build an underwater dream scape that will take your friends’ breath away! The next step is obviously to find your glass, you can go and buy new glass if you please, but if you want to save a load of money, I suggest going to all the demolitioners around.

Re: Shattered Glass brace 12/27/07 thank you for the link but I have one question since I cant find it Is it safe to use acrylic plastic to replace the broken glass brace. I had to carry the tools in and out every day because the moisture at night would make it rust. Strangely I have always found that my fish really enjoy the cold water and bubbles in any colder water that I put into the tank.

It was only standard float glass though and quite thin as I was experimenting with the zero silicone style build. I was restricted in it being a beautiful landscaped tank because of my injuries I am physically very limited and could not do much in its construction since I am paralyzed from the upper chest down. In truth, most general fish that you buy will be OK in standard tap water and adjusting pH levels is not something I would recommend unless you are an experienced fishkeeper.

There was also a part of the article that discussed removing a sick Betta from a community tank. The right choice of filter media can make a big difference in phosphate levels: Poly Filters will remove phosphate and heavy metals, and actually provide an indication of existing problems by changing color. Figure 6. The fourth coat of epoxy paint has dried and the first pane of glass has been installed (the aquarium is on its side).

To protect the fish from their enemy (your cat), cover the upper part of aquarium with a plastic lid or wooden ply. We can assist you with the required glass thickness and details on the strapping of your aquarium. However, especially under 75 gallons, do NOT feel you are getting an inferior tank if you purchase a glass tank unless you purchase one with too thin of glass, with poor quality silicone or with tempered glass (in particular on the the bottom, which should always be float glass).

If you do not scrub your glass every couple of weeks, it will build up with algae, even in the cleanest of aquariums. Your tank could be almost self cleaning if you take care and maintain the power filter on a regular basis. Do not mix Siamese Fighter fish with any other fish (inclucing other Siamese fighters) except perhaps a bottom dwelling catfish or tiny tetra. Consider how strong and anemone or snail can be. If you want to build bridges, use much heavier rocks and build much more structurally sound than the example shown here. The community tank is the most common today, where several non-aggressive species live peacefully.