Banquette Woodworking Tips

Last time we checked in on the dining room it was looking something like this (minus the stencil art that we added later). When using regular sized table and chairs, there needs to be additional space behind for someone to access the other chair and to get in and out of. With benches of this style, one can easily slide in and out, allowing more space and seating. Shares gorgeous kitchen booths and banquettes as well as tips and stories from top designers. I have wanted to build a banquet in my kitchen forever, so happy I found this post, great inspiration.

If you’re making the bench seat and don’t plan to add the cushion seat on top, you’ll want to raise the cabinets up quite a bit more. The crisp white with yellow piping banquette is cheerfully accented cozy pillows and Ikat patterned fabric on the side chairs. I love the farmhouse table that the HH built and I was hard pressed to change anything as it possibly meant parting with the table. Align the cleat with the inside edge of the line and attach to the floor using 2 1/4″ screws. Attach this framing to the rest of the pieces using the wood glue and finishing nails as before.

I choose not to put a back on mine just because the upholstered banquette bench has a permanent home against the wall and the back will never be seen and my fabric was. The staple method was difficult because I was using a stapler that didn’t have much power, so the staples weren’t sitting as tight as I’d like to hold the cotton. But the convinience of building them, and the extra storage this created, was well worth it.

In the dining room of a duplex apartment with panoramic views of Paris, interior designer François Champsaur created a custom banquette upholstered in linen, as well as tables with brass tops and black-lacquer bases; the Cloud pendant is by Frank Gehry, and the chairs are by Charles and Ray Eames. Mix it up with a rustic solid wood table and contemporary chairs and create a comfortable space to dine with family and friends. The entire piece was constructed from Ikea cabinets, a few 2×4’s, and 3/4″ plywood.

Nevertheless, you can easily modify a space where the old table and chairs used to be, especially if you can run the seating bench along an existing wall. Test out a few options using stools, boxes and favorite chairs to find what’s comfortable for you and your family. This project can create even more usable space if you add a roll-out storage unit under the booth seats.building a banquette

Side note: That cute, round table was also made by the HH (I’m a lucky girl), and we used it as our ‘guide’ for shaping the seating area. Attach the ends to the braces and bench using finish head screws every 6″ to 8″. Apply edge banding to the bench ends. Building a kitchen banquette is a great weekend project with results the whole family can appreciate. It both served as a back to the benches so that you would not have to sit against the wall, knocking your head on the sills and window treatments, and it separated the sitter just a little bit further from this cold exposed corner.

Compared to the hundreds of dollars it would have cost me at the fabric store, I spent just $129 at Ikea for the Florvag full size mattress It was a 74″ x 53″ x 4″ sheet of foam. Instead of spelling out all of the supplies for this DIY because we retrofitted existing 2×4 benches that we had built the year before, you can find a comprehensive list of supplies here This is the best DIY tutorial on building storage benches that I have found, although you have to convert it to a dining style bench from a mudroom bench.

There’s also a link from this tutorial to one about building the banquette seating pictured. For the few stand alone years that and I lived in a rental that had a formal dining room with a chandelier right in the center, necessitating a table and chairs, I was always making formal dinners, like sage leaf-stuffed Cornish hens with a cherry sauce or endive leaves filled with shrimp salad. Even if the bench section of the banquette is not attached to the wall, you can make it look like it is by the type of back you add. With their hearts set on building a cozy banquette with plenty of storage, Cape 27 blogger Jessie and and husband Rick got creative.

We used a jigsaw to cut the first corner, then used the cut out as a template for the second corner. These banquettes typically require less space for traffic flow, provide great additional storage solutions and ultimately seats more than conventional table and chairs. Cut the board using a circular saw and attach it to the front using a brad nail gun. We’re helping this young couple out with their kitchen improvement bucket list, and giving them some helpful DIY tips and pointers along the way. Construct a 4-inch high platform for the cabinets to sit on from 2×4-inch lumber.

These plywood pieces can be hinged to create a door or left as separate pieces that are removable to access storage. Just wondering (and hoping you can answer soon) because I’m using your idea to built my banquette this weekend! We opted to use an in-stock cement board from Home Depot and painted it using an exterior pain color matched to the existing plank. Next time you’re short on space, have some fun with your interiors and create a dining space that is casual, cozy, and the perfect spot for your morning cup of joe and your blogreader! In the corner where you’ll install the bench, mark a level line on each wall 18-1/2 inches above the floor.

I gave it a test drive by hosting a coffee with 8 of my closest girlfriends today, and they loved it. Four lovely ladies fit comfortably on the banquette and stayed for a couple hours. The hubs and I got a lot of the trim work done on the banquette… almost ready to paint! I love your banquette and how it looks with the round table and slipcovered chair.

I’m a small person and fixed seating – which has to be set for the average person – is always too far from the table to be comfortable for me. So, a little back story….we were borrowing our kitchen table and chairs from a friend of the family, and a month ago they needed it back. In the photo above, the homeowner takes a much more simple approach to the banquette. I could not find a bench large enough for my fairly large table for under $4,000. Adding cushions on top of your banquette will add a welcoming layer of comfort to your seating area.

Not sure of those exact dimensions, now that everything is built, but I’m thinking we scaled the cabinets out at least 4-5 inches from the wall. Flanked with even more Ikea cabinetry and floating shelves, this storage-happy dining nook has design and organizational appeal. We had previously built some stand alone 2×4 benches for this very corner to utilize the space until we had both the funds and the time to really renovate it.

In fact I’m going to pick up the Docksta tulip table from Ikea for my latest re-do. Check out Cape 27 for a breakdown of Jessie and Rick’s beautiful and functional DIY banquette. With the suggested padding it actually turns out to be the same seat height as most average dining chairs at approx. If you only have a few square feet space available for building a banquette, then consider setting two parallel benches on either side of tabletop. Determine which side of the banquette will fit against the wall, and then construct another top frame piece to fit on this side.

The modular design lets you create an L or U shape, and cubbies in the base of the bench provide easy-to-reach storage. This project is designed to be painted, but if you wish to match your wood kitchen cabinets, you can use veneer plywood. I found an outdoor fabric called Spectrum Graphite by Sunbrella that almost perfectly matches the ‘Grimmy’s Grey’ Dulux paint on the kitchen cabinets.