Buyer’s Guide To Hand Planes For Woodworkers (3

A plane, or hand plane, is a device that holds an iron chisel in a fixed position so wood can be evenly removed from the surface of a board. When I receive the plane it is hideous, a poorly made owner made thing of dreadful quality and on the nose.. a mint newly struck Mathieson stamp, UNDER that stamp is the makers scrolled name ! Until the mass-production techniques of the Industrial Revolution, wooden planes with iron blades were the dominant form. These moulding planes are very common and don’t require much effort to restore them to working order.

Here’s our number five spot for a Tool that sold for the 5th highest price on eBay in the month of September 2013. EBay doesn’t charge a fee to register, and assuming you have internet access eBay is free to the buyer – no buyer’s premium, no browsing fees, nada. Plus, the Lie-Nielsen is an improved-upon version of the Stanley No. 62. Mine planes like it was made by angles.

HOWEVER….the stamp A. Mathieson & Son, Glasgow looks VERY recently stamped into the wood , and is white, crisp and fresh without any hint of accumulated dirt, wax, body oils etc. Point is, look at the used hand tools on Yahoo Japan and you will see the bare state of the market for used tools there. In addition to straight bench planes, there are a multitude of planes for other purposes.

Bailey held numerous patents on such keystone tools as planes which Stanley prevail wood burning patterns for beginners free and rase augmented with mitre joint boxes rulers hand drills hammers and. Stanley No. 1 Smoothing Plane : This tiny smoothing plane is fairly useless, but highly sought after by collectors who want to complete their entire collection”. A British plane, also called a chariot plane, is a forerunner to the block plane and is popular with collectors since no two castings are alike. No set of oodworking hand tools would be complete without a good quality claw hammer.

Rounding-over shouldn’t be a problem if keeping the blade set fine and working steadily through the cut from each end to avoid splintering, but I’ve yet to use a shoulder plane to trim tenon cheeks while tending to prefer a simple occasional tidy up using a chisel. This is my list of hand planes that I feel would be the first hand planes that you should buy to get started in traditional woodworking.

I’ve been tuning up the planes that I have for the past few weeks and have that same plane sitting next to me. Perhaps the most influential plane manufacturer in history, the Stanley Company , entered the market in 1869. If you don’t want to use your jointer plane for flattening boards, then go ahead and find a fore plane (which is shorter than a jointer plane). I prefer Stanley Bailey or Stanley Bedrock planes made prior to World War 2, when the quality standards were higher. So in all likelihood, the mouth never closed up tight, even when the plane was new.

Early U.S. patents for metal planes include the Knowles bench planes of the 1820s, Holly’s patent of 1852, and the Bailey patents of the 1850s. This area is for Modelers, All types of Automtive, Military, Planes Boats, models, plastic, wood, die cast. But the Lie-Nielsen planes are $195 each and a vintage Stanley No. 48 or 49 plane will sell for around $20-$100.

A miter plane (with a 35-degree blade angle) and a toothing plane (with a vertical iron) are both designed to work on woods with difficult grains. Although nobody will dispute that electric or cordless models work great in some cases the need for a woodworking hand drill calls for minute accuracy. The trick is to put the plane into a larger box and pack it tight with bubble wrap, newspaper or polystyrene, something that will stop the plane sliding around in the box.wood planes ebay

Occasionally I get fancy and employ a complex moulding plane in the form of my 1/8 and 1/4″ beading planes, but everything else is done with a hollow and round. If you’re interested in working difficult figured wood grain, planing a lot of end grain (like on butcher blocks), or using a shooting board to true your ends & edges, then this simple hand plane should move to your urgent list. I like planes to look like they have been used and to have the patina of previous users, this is all gone on a refinished plane.

But the LN planes are higher quality to the extent that I’d wager most of us if you put down the equivalent models LN and LV on the table and said take one, would take the LN every time. My GOMI arrived today and it is a much better plane than my Fujihisa….I’ll have to wait a few weeks before giving a more detailed review but based on my first impressions I don’t forsee any issues. Find best value and selection for your marples m4 1 2 smoothing plane search on eBay.

That’s also why I left out planes from Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong that I found in looking into this subject. His main but unstated criterion seemed to be how the machinging on the Marcou plane he had purchased compared with the machining on the Holtey plane he already had. Interestingly, the planes that were dismissed as most useless by woodworkers are the ones that are the most valuable to contemporary collectors, as they were only produced for around 15 years as opposed to the 60 or 70 year run of a normal Stanley product.

Jacob (Among a few others including myself) I believe still owns a Record 073 and perhaps a few other shoulder planes. I also found a beat up 65 mm Japanese plane on eBay that I’m trying to bring back to life, mainly for the sharpening/tuning experience. On eBay we see older tools offered but most of what we are looking at were made in the last 30 or 40 years – especially the usable stuff. This empowers these planes to be used instead of a scrub plane to remove a lot of material really quickly (across the grain then diagonally). The Lie-Nielsen Tongue & Groove Planes are based off the Stanley No. 48 and No. 49 planes.

The seal for the wood was 4 coats of heavy cut shellac which was then cut back with Abralon 600 grit to a matt smooth finish. Little did I know that Stanley has produced some 100+ varients of the spokeshave; of which the majority are available on ebay. There are a vast amount of other special-purpose hand planes that I don’t have the time to mention in detail here. Scottish Infill planes (like this panel plane) have a great weight and amazing balance & sweet feeling handles.

Find best value and selection for your Job lot 8 vintage wood working planes Stanley Record Acorn Anant search on eBay. Those include the vintage Stanley No. 289 Moving fillister plane and the modern Veritas moving fillister plane (called the Skew Rabbet Plane). A bull-nose” plane has its blade toward the front so that it can cut deeper into corners, while a chisel plane can cut right up to the perpendicular wall of a box. The LV is too chunky for my hand for the small material removal, but does a better job hogging out material. I recommend a low angle block plane so you can work difficult end grain more easily.

The frog is the part of the plane that attaches to the top side of the base and provides an angled seat for the iron (blade), as well as a mechanism to adjust the depth and lateral positioning of the iron. This plane is unique as the blade is the full width of the sole and great to plane the plate edge to thickness. The prices of tools on eBay can be a very good deal or a major rip off Ultimately, you pay what you want so you are the only one to blame if you pay too much. You can also checkout the antique Stanley No. 49 planes if you’re planning on using 1/2″ thick boards.

All that said, there are some red flags to look for when shopping for hand planes, and with the abundance of vintage planes available on eBay, yard sales, and tool swaps across the country, there’s no reason to settle for a tool with serious problems. You can use an alias on eBay to keep your identity hidden, until you end up as high bidder on a completed auction and must send payment – then the seller will know who you are. However, say you want a specific Stanley Bedrock plane in good shape, you will be searching for many months locally. It may not be as good a performer as the LN LA 60 1/2 block plane, but it is nicer to hold.wood planes ebay

This enables fine forward/backward adjustments to the frog, which has an effect similar to closing the throat of the plane for fine cuts. It arrives in perfect condition (and sharp) and costs less than the vintage Stanley No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane (what the Lie-Nielsen plane was inspired by). You will want to make sure all the parts are there in order for the plane to function, unless you’re willing to buy replacements on eBay.

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Pictures showing the plane number are not really that useful if you have already said it’s a 5 ½ for instance. The only thing better than one woodworking hand saw is a set of Antique Woodworking Planes On Ebay three. The throat opening affects your ability to properly set the iron, and is one area of the plane where precision is extremely important. We have ample parking and technical staff are always on hand to assist you with queries. I then applied a rosewood stain all over which returned the colour to a more typical shade of an 80 or 90 year old plane.