Pallet Fireplace With TV Stand

My husband celebrated his 29th birthday back in July, and I decided I wanted to buy him a new TV. Since we had moved in April, our old TV (32 inches) was a little small for our new living room. It seems that we have a couple of different factions here with regard to form factor, but there are two primary groups… those that find a metal-open stand attractive, and those that prefer a wood-closed stand. It’s also pretty strong – my store-bought TV stand is about a half-inch thick, and it’s almost certainly particleboard underneath, which is weaker than plywood of the same thickness. I think I’d do up 8 with 2 and 7. The blue footed booby would make the man giggle everytime he saw it, just thinking of the name.

It was functional in that it held the TV off the floor, but it was not pulling its weight in the design department. Okay, that was totally cheesy, but seriously, what an amazing transformation on that banged up old dresser. The modern TV stand will be difficult to make as you will be create different portions rather than creating only two portions. A television stand can have umpteen designs depending upon your particular furniture style. Once you have all that… it’ just a simple matter of making sure you mount the slides pretty close to level (side to side) and then you can use the slotted mounts to make the tweaks. Since I have my TV in a corner, I could not find a pre-made stand that would work.

Once mounted, operate the TV up and down to make sure all moving assemblies are free and clear. It was my first time assembling a stand with doors that swivel, and it was so simple via instructions. Like this you will be able to choose freely all the measurement of your wonderful TV stand. On the lower side, four legs or posts will have to be added and stand on the floor evenly.

If it was my first project, I’d make it out of plywood, paint it (a coat of paint hides a multitude of sins), and live with it awhile to determine how I should have made it (I always end up having it just a little too big or too small to be perfect). Lord knows how many pictures are in this thread… and THAT… should be an inspiration to all the people who are even remotely interested in attempting to design and build their vision of the perfect TV stand. Make a simple depth collar jig out of a piece of wood so you only drill the required depth. Used as building blocks (no pun intended) on my learning scale, I set out to make a TV stand.

The living room in my apartment has this little corner that’s perfect to fit the TV in, but I knew that finding the perfect sized TV stand would be pretty much impossible. You can choose a TV stand with shelves and doors to hide equipment and DVDs and keep things neat and tidy. This is a multi-function piece of furniture that can be used as the TV console or a dining room buffet.

My woodworking experience of late is limited to hobbyist and homeowner who will design and build a deck, remodel basements, hang doors, do some light plumbing and wiring… but this TV stand is something I’m trying to _finish_ as best as I can with my limited finishing skills. They are available from a number of manufacturers and in a range of styles and sizes that will help you make your TV the focal point in the room. They mount to the wall and under your shelf so it would float above the TV on the wall.

You can just use a shelf, or make one capping it off with a 1×2 border edge to make the shelf look thicker (which is what i will probably do). But furniture painting has always been a big part of my DIY repertoire, and I figured I’d take this opportunity to share a bit about one of my favorite projects to-date: the coral TV stand I repurposed from a craiglist dresser. Now its time for the legs: Begin by clamping a leg to the base using the edge of the TV stand as your guide for making it square.

The actuator should be ideally centered behind the TV. Locate all studs in the vicinity of the actuator location and be sure to have any electrical wiring in this area temporarily deactivated by a licensed electrician. If you’re going big to stay proportional with a spacious living room, an extra-wide TV stand can provide a great opportunity to add décor elements that can make your space feel more to make a tv stand

My big fear with this approach, is that it would be difficult to pull the TV out far enough to get behind it with only 6′ cords going from the TV to other equipment. The chipboard will really make it easy to install the pallet plans further as you can easily mount the cut down pallet sizes on it by adding the nails straight through the pallets to chipboard! Pretty basic living room, but I have oriental mahogany furniture, so it can be difficult to make all the pieces look cohesive. Front View of the TV with the home Built TV Stand We purchased the TV Used and it did not come with a stand So we had to make a TV Stand.

Cut a piece of 5/8” plywood to this size and loosely mount the TV on the mount using 1/2” x 1” bolts, washers and lock nuts at the actuator bracket. Bobbi asked if I would be willing to share my Dresser turned TV Stand tutorial…of course I would be willing! Whether you’ve just bought a new flat screen or you’re simply looking for a place to put your current TV, a TV stand is ideal. Choose from our selection of wooden TV stands, ranging in style from the chic dark wood TV stand to the charmingly rustic oak TV cabinets.

A space-saving solution for the apartment dwellers, the small TV stand blends well with the modern setup. Oh, and I LOVE working at HowDoesShe, sharing ideas for women, by women, on how to make the most out of our lives! Whether you are looking for a large TV stand or something more compact, we have furniture to suit the make and model of your television. When you use a TV stand, you’ll always find the perfect position for your TV no matter how big the screen is. I also want to have a shelf above the TV to get components out of the kids’ reach.

The stand that you choose must be able to support the weight of your flat screen TV. Make sure that you check the manual that comes with your TV and find out how much it weighs. TV and audio stands are designed to bring all of your home theatre components together into a neat and tidy space. Key Update: After pretty much completing the transformation from trunk to TV stand, a little package arrived in the mail. If the installation location or TV size fell outside of these parameters, there were no easy options.

This was a very simple step, and it definitely makes the TV Console look more polished. The simple stand can be made easily and if you have some skill, then it can be made at home. Flat panel tv stands range in price from around $100 and can go as high as a few thousand dollars. So yeah, as you can see, it’s really low, but it wasn’t possible to put it any higher because of the pre-wiring already on the wall…ugh. If mobility is important, make sure that the stand is on wheels and is of a size that is easy to move around the room.

In my research of tv stands, and subsequently not finding exactly what I wanted, I decided to take on this task my self also. I also had a plan to glaze the furniture to bring out the accent lines and make it not so plain. I didn’t cut the boards as they were already at 120cm and a TV stand is usually around 120x40x40 cm. So i just had to cut the lumbers in piece of 40cm deep.

Holding your TV is a TV stand’s primary purpose, so you want to make sure you purchase a stand with adequate width and depth to support the one you own. That’s one of my favorite things about DIY — every project comes with a story and a lot of pride (and memories of the more disastrous elements, like the blobby holes in the back of the dresser and how many coats of paint it took, tend to fade away quickly). A discarded dressing table is given a white finish to recreate a classy TV stand with multiple drawers providing convenient storage space. There are enough pastel colors to make it look like a garage sale watercolor painting.

Note: For a corner TV stand, you’ll want to ensure the front side of the stand measures at least a few inches wider than the recommended minimum size to account for the tapering shape of the stand. It adds such a great pop of color in our living room and serves it’s purpose as a TV Stand extremely well. I found this stand and was hesitant but after reading the reviews I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Consider installing a wood block on the TV mounting plate so the door stays open once the TV passes. When selecting boards to use for a old distressed project, try to find ones that already come with some character to them.

Conversely, a small stand for a more compact space can offer a simple, more minimalist feel. Make the most of every nook and cranny in your living room with a corner TV unit , designed to fit snugly against walls that meet at an angle. A bit of a wobble could wiggle your TV over, so for a few dollars, one of these straps could probably prevent a TV topple. If the TV came with wall-mount bracket screws, buy longer ones (25MM) with matching threads to fit through the plywood. For the TV stand to complement your room as a whole, it needs to fit the proportions of the space. I’ve built several TV stands and various pieces of A/V furniture and I’m in the process of building a new set for our new casa.

We also knew this side of the trunk would never be seen since we’re using it as a stand and while it provides great storage, we’ll probably rarely open it — so the little holes left in the bottom were not a biggie in our book for this project. After a couple weeks of not finding anything, I was getting really annoyed because 1.) I really wanted to take the tv down, and 2.) I wanted our living room to keep progressing in the right direction. You can further paint the pallet TV stand according to the color you like or you choose keeping in view the color of the room.

Sometimes they come with special brackets, otherwise the poorman’s method is to grab some plumber’s tape (thick galvanized tape with lots of holes in it) or metal strapping, find the screws that came with your tv for rear mounting and then screw one end of the tape into a stud in the wall and bolt the other end using the rear mount screws into the tv.