Craftsman Impact Screwdriver

I’m the go-to guy for brake jobs for my family, extended family, and friends. In looking for models to test, we scoured retailers like Amazon , Home Depot , and Lowe’s We also checked in with all of the major drill manufacturers such as Milwaukee , Bosch , Craftsman , and DeWalt For the most part, we discounted any tools that come with only one battery, such as the Ryobi HJP004 It’s just not worth it to be stuck in the middle of a project, no matter how small, waiting for a battery to charge.

I was just pointing out that before we go too far toward casting all sorts of negative aspersions at lower-end battery powered impacts, we should recognize that they’re not up to certain tasks, but they’re a very valuable tool for other tasks, and for the casual and infrequent mechanic who does the lightest of maintenance, even the lower-end stuff is kind of overkill.

One of the issues we had was the LED which could have been placed at a better angle (preferably above the driver) so you could see better down to what you are working on. In it’s current location the bit blocks some of the light if you are looking down at it. We also wished the LED would come on by itself with just a light trigger pull but it will only come on when the drill is running.craftsman hand impact driver

I have a 19.2v Craftsman drill that’s 10-12 years old that I recently replaced (and encountered the below). And the battery gauge is on the tool (not the battery itself), so to check the life of a spare battery, you have to click the battery into the tool. The 14-inch pull type chuck on impact drivers requires a hex shaft screwdriver, socket, or drill bits.

For automotive work, consider an angle” version, such as the Craftsman shown later. If so buy the impact to match so you get extra batteries that work in all of your tools. Bigger isn’t always better and you need to get the right tool for your job or risk breaking a part of your project. The catch: You’ll need to buy special drill bits with 14-inch hexagonal shanks or spend $20 for an adapter if you want to use conventional, round-shank bits. I also have some Craftsman tools which I consider good for the price and function. Likes: It’s rare to see one tool punish the competition the way the Milwaukee did.

The noise created by any power tool is something to be aware of, but for a drill it’s not a realistic criteria (unless it’s really, really bad). The biggest advantage of an impact driver is that the bit will generally not spin out of the screw head. This impact driver includes charger and battery and also comes with case and 4 accessories. With one hand hold your screwdriver in place and slowly try to turn it while hitting the back of the screwdriver with a hammer.

If you are commonly driving massive lag bolts, or want to use it to remove the lug nuts from your truck, you might consider going with one of the beefier 18V models. As far as home use I wouldn’t even spend the money on craftsman tools, I’d rather go to Harbor Freight where they also offer a lifetime warranty and its 1/2 the price. After getting familiar with the types of impact wrenches and their purpose, now it would be easy for you to make the decision of buying ones. I now have two impact drivers, a 14.4V Bosch I purchased last year and the new 18V LXT Lithium Ion Makita.

For total cost, this puts it a little under where the Porter-Cable normally is, but the Craftsman is short on features and doesn’t have a belt hook or onboard bit storage. As a whole, we hailed the MILWAUKEE M18 1/4 In. Hex I as our best impact driver due to its good price for its value, great features and almost perfect flawless build and usability as an impact driver for all kinds of users out there. From what I’ve read on this forum, many of you say that an impact driver will drive a screw better than a cordless drill/driver.

Of those, the Craftsman C3 17560X , Milwaukee 2606-22CT , and DeWalt DCD780C2 all produced similar results in our testing, each driving 70 to 90 screws and drilling 20 to 25 holes (remember, the 18-volt Bosch DDS180 drove 154 screws and drilled 45 holes, and the Porter-Cable runner-up drove 134 screws and drilled 30 holes). If you have access to air, air tools are the only way to go. They are cheaper, work better and far less expensive to use on a regular basis. Most impact drivers, however, do not have variable speeds compared to drill drivers. Mine are 18 V, L-I and I cannot tell you how much I use them and use then hard.craftsman hand impact driver

I’ve used Ryobi before…one of my previous employers had a Ryobi drill in the maintenance closet and we’d use it once in a while. There are impact drivers on the market with a clutch, but they are quite a bit more expensive, and much longer than those without, and current generation designs do not allow the clutch to be used when the impact feature is engaged. The majority of my heavy impact sockets up to 3 inch are GP (not American Made) which I’m still using the same sets I bought 6 years ago. I was able to drive 4″ screws into framing lumber with ease using either driver.

Most impact drivers have warranties from 2 to 5 years, and this all depends on how you take care of your tool as well. Likes: We hesitated to include this hybrid of a drill driver and an impact driver, but we were pleasantly surprised by its performance. Unless you live miles away from anyone, your use of an impact drive WILL cause harm to others by creating a HUGE increase in noxious noise. It gives you 700 in lbs of torque, which is okay for those who don’t mind high torque as much but still usable as a mini impact driver.

Being coated in orange finish design, the Black & Decker BDCD220IA 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver and Impact Driver with 2 Batteries is sold for a convenient price of only $114.45 for 2 tools in 1 kit, so it is definitely a great buy for those who need two tools at once. There’s not much to a hand impact driver and my ‘new’ Craftsman one looks just as beefy as any other one I’ve seen.

I suspect it is due to the entire stroke of the impact being applied to the bolt instead of part of it being wasted due to the play between the driver and socket. What’s more is that it also includes 20 V MAX lithium ion batteries x 2, so you do not have to worry about separately purchasing batteries for this impact driver set. For installing cabinets, building shop furniture, theater set construction, framing anything with dimensional lumber, or building a deck, the impact driver will be your new best friend. My experience is that the belt hooks are very useful, particularly for such a small grab-and-go tool.

In addition to this comparison, the drills are for general use on wood, soft materials, drywall while on the other hand, the impact drivers are good for use on loosening and tightening bolts and anything that requires a high amount of torque. They drill more slowly than comparable drills/drivers and require special hex shank bits or a $20 adapter. With bigger bits, they kick into high-torque impact mode so you can bore a big hole with a small driver. Impact drivers are a little different and torque driven compared to drill drivers.