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Professional Chopper Frame Plans Come With FREE Support On Your Motorcycle Building Project And More! For example, there is no need to take into account rear suspension set ups and geometry, and we also need to be talking in a pretty general way for this type of article and a rigid chopper frame fits the bill quite nicely, so let’s run with that. Im wanting to do a ground up on my next one plans are for Harley engine, Probably a shovel. Choppers rarely handle that well because of the increased wheelbase, and stopping is decreased as well.

If you look at chopper handbook they also say that ERW, or CREW will work for most of your frame, And it’s about 1/2 the price of DOM. Building the Welding Jig from our Professional Custom Chopper Rigid Frame Welding Jig Blueprints is aMUST if you want a professional quality frame time after time. Frame is made with standard 2×2 steel tubing which is very cheap and easily available from various steel suppliers. The standard frame jig kit weighs just about 40lbs and can ship for $21.50 within the U.S. in a large flat-rate box with insurance.chopper frame jig plans

Well cash was short , so the motor left my shop Damn , then the frame left for california and rolled around a few shops but no one wanted to put it together so it took a truck ride to Florida and sat there for a while. The seat section will also have some nice gussets to bring the main frame and the seat tubes together more added strength to the original that doesn’t have that.

I have contacted a a few older frame builders and although I have talked about licensing their designs and have access to a few plans I can’t produce one frame (not even for myself). Well, I know I prefer my metal jig more than I would a wood one but not saying a good frame can’t be built using any type of wood. The beginning price could be anywhere from $5,000 upwards for an adjustable jig. You can also adjust the height to allow the steering head to sit exactly where you need it. The frame jig you’ll make from these motorcycle frame jig blue prints will be one of the most useful tools in your shop.

I’ve used a wood jig for the seating wishbones to backbone connection a couple times. A jig is a massive help in the frame building process because it holds your frame together as you do your mock up and welding. You may want to stare at frame at a salvage yard that sell bike frame there maybe something you see. My progress will be put on this thread threw out the entire build of the frame at least. When the soft tail hinge is locked, then the frame will behave just like a hard tail and they can use the frame in the same way.

Its around 43mm Now i know allot of you may be thinking that hey that’s just pipe yes well its all i can get it has a strength of 250 mpa and will be stronger in design as my chopper chassis the metal urging today is well advanced of that years ago and i cannot see any stress on any of my work. Damn if I would build a motorcycle frame to carry me down the road built on shitty lowes 2x4s! Imagine a motorcycle cruising down the highway at 70 mph, and the frame suddenly comes apart because of poor design or quality of workmanship or materials! We believe a real Chopper Bicycle needs to look and ride like a custom motorcycle.

If you are considering building your own custom chopper this prints are a must have. You can use the parts below with a piece of 2×2 tube to support the frame from the outside. If you pull the frame out of the Jig before it has cooled down You might as well just through it in the rubbish. If you have a title to a frame and you like keeping the title Harley This is one solution you might think about.

This duplex type featherbed frame will have enough room once the tank is off to carry out any work i choose without removing the motor. Thompson Choppers is a custom motorcycle frame manufacturer for the vtwin market, offering rigid, softail, and swingarm motorcycle chassis. If you have done it before and are confident then check out Bitter End Choppers. It was good hanging out with you bending some tube today, now show the finished JIG for these folks!! The easiest frame to build is a traditional old-school style chopper since there aren’t any complicated bends or compound miters to cut so we decided to show the.chopper frame jig plans

At this stage i still want to have it a bit higher than the original featherbed chassis and longer as it is but I’ll wait till Ive cut and shut then sleeved stand back and have another look to see how that looks then decide if i need to bring the frame in from each end. Regardless, there are a few obvious differences between the average rigid frame built to take an Ultima El Bruto and running gear and a Yamaha XS650 motor.