Wooden Boat Building VIDEOS

Our congratulations to Jeremy Fowler and his crew at Duke’s Boat shop in Port Carling, Ontario. This boat can achieve speeds over 40mph, APHRODITE’S guest list over the years reads like a Who’s Who” in the worlds of government, business and entertainment with such luminaries as Fred Astaire, Sir Laurence Olivier, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Henry Ford II, FDR advisor Harry Hopkins and Nelson Rockefeller aboard for summer day cruises down Long Island Sound.

We finished up the last of our own boats for customers, then John spent a season working at Doug Hylan’s shop on the Coquina, among others (if you check out Doug’s great photos for the Coquina, you’ll find John.) An opportunity to join the crew at Brooklin Boat Yard opened up, so John took it and spent the next five years working on several beautiful and amazing yachts including Seminole, Aphrodite, Anna, Ginger and the 90′ yawl Bequia.

The first one-­design boat building contest, featuring the TEAL, a double-ender design by Phil Bolger, was held four years later at the Oyster Festival in Norwalk, CT. The TEAL design remained in use until 2001 when Willie French of Georgetown, SC (by way of New Zealand) and his partner set an unbelievable record of ONE HOUR, ELEVEN MINUTES AND THIRTY-FOUR SECONDS.

Central to the program is a driving question that is posed, re-examined and reflected upon throughout the year: What are the things I will learn during the building and sailing of a wooden boat that will help me in other aspects of my life?” This learning style enables youth to engage in a process of ongoing action and reflection that encourages a meta-cognitive understanding of choices and their outcomes.

We are extremely lucky to be given an insight into how the traditional craft of wooden boatbuilding is still being practised and perfected today, as Yvonne Green, Principal of the Boat Building Academy, in the following excerpt from a wider interview, outlines how a simple clinker boat and set of oars is handcrafted by a team of expert boat-builders from the Boat Building Academy, Lyme Regis in Dorset.

Take six 20 something year olds who all have a connection to Middlebury Vermont and someone says lets row and sail and open boat from the San Juan Islands to Alaska. Look for a wooden boat-making school or offer to apprentice with a wooden boat maker in your area. After my 3rd self-built big boat project I should be well qualified to say that it must not be taken lightly. Harold and Lorna Wilson were a husband and wife wooden boat racing team who set out to conquer speed. If you are interested in enrolling in the Boat Building Program, download the Registration Form and Recommended Tools or call the Maritime Museum at 985-845-9200 for more information.building a wooden boat

This is our first antique and classic wooden boat video that captures the boat builders of Muskoka. They are also fitted with knees to help braces them in position and for additional strengthening of the hull. Enjoy the great pictures and video footage of some incredible Muskoka Wooden Race boat history. MyBoatPlans® SHOWS you all you need to know to start building the boat of your dreams. I’m not going to be practically giving away my high-quality boat plans at this price forever.

We want to build a boat that we can sail both on lakes and lochs and when the kids are teenagers we can take up the west coast of Scotland for extended touring holidays – ideally both camping and sleeping on the boat. Wood or timber boat designs can be built using wood epoxy, strip plank, diagonal cold molded or a combination of these methods. The final finish with minimal labour is good enough for her to be mistaken for a GRP boat by most who see her. I’ve read and re-read all his guides and it’s fueled more than one fantasy boat. Looking forward to seeing this magnificent boat when it is completed in late May.

John L. Hacker’s 3rd race boat design for Harold Wilson and riding mechanic and fiancée Lorna Reid gave Canada its first repeat World Champions. To provide information and any forms of assistance to owners and potential owners of wooden boats and wooden boat enthusiasts. The sheer is traditionally lowest amidships to maximize freeboard at the ends of the hull. Even if you are only dreaming about building a wooden boat, MyBoatPlans will simplify your dreams. The shop is evaluating other kits and boat designs plans are to offer several more options.building a wooden boat