Wood Lathes And Wood Machinery For Sale

My dad has a friend who’s husband used to do a lot of turning (I think professionally). Here is a list of potential projects that are wood only: bowls (fairly obviously), chair legs, banister spindles, platters, boxes, vases, dibbers, ring keeps, earring stands, yo-yos, tops, and if you like doing larger items, finials or newel posts. Bowl lathe – A short bed , large swing wood lathe , often without a tailstock , that is used just for turning bowls. The second method of controlling the speed is electronic variable speed, which I have on all of my Vicmarc lathes.

I paid well below half price of new, and included were the cast iron legs, shelf and weights, some extra tooling and a bunch of blanks and exotic wood. Having said that however I too have looked at a bit of pen making – and I passed my wood lathe on to my son in law some years ago! One of the great (and scary) features of a wood lathe, is that it has a built-in instruction manual.second hand wood lathe

The tool rest is usually removed during sanding, as it may be unsafe to have the operators hands between it and the spinning wood. WARNING: This is a homemade wood lathe for occasional use and not for everyday use and also for turning small pieces of wood. In metal spinning , a disk of sheet metal is held perpendicularly to the main axis of the lathe, and tools with polished tips (spoons) or roller tips are hand-held, but levered by hand against fixed posts, to develop pressure that deforms the spinning sheet of metal.

I’ve worn out both hands & have had CTS surgery R&L to show for all my hours on a wood lathe. It’s also worth noting that lathes have a nasty habit of throwing your chisel or the work at high speeds when things go wrong. The tools used for that are called, with staggering clarity, roughing gouges, examples of which are shown in the photo. In practical terms this means wear resistance and therefore the retention of a good cutting edge, is increased by at least 2 to 3 times longer than would be the case, even for M2 high-speed steel tools. To get the different shapes, you will need to rotate the tool in your hands to alter the angle the bevel runs over the wood.

Work from the middle to the end, going right off the end of the wood (make sure you don’t ever go off the end of the toolrest, or the tool will be slammed downwards and you may lose control of it). Woodturning online offers turning projects, plans and articles for woodturners including information on bowl, pen and segmented turning using the lathe and lathe tools. However, I am a lathe and tool dealer and want you to buy a lot more than this!

A few days ago, I went trough those logs and was one peace that didn’t show too many splits, apart from the rot part from being on the ground, but at approx 13 inch’s diameter, I thought that I could still get some good wood in the centre for a small vase. This will avoid any chance of the chisel catching and drawing back and thus gouging the wood beyond the starting point. The lathe should be run on second or third speed until the corners are removed, and then changed to first speed. I’ve found that, for some unknown reason, woodturners are some of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet, and most eager to give guidance, AND sometimes even some free wood.

Almost all lathes have a bed, which is (almost always) a horizontal beam (although CNC lathes commonly have an inclined or vertical beam for a bed to ensure that swarf , or chips, falls free of the bed). A pole lathe turner of the old school could set up woodturning in the middle of a beechwood with little more than a gouge, a chisel, some rope, and an axe! Transcription, or recording, lathes are used to make grooves on a surface for recording sounds.

One thing to look for in any chuck, but especially a scroll chuck because of the cost, is the way it fixes to the lathe. On some older lathes or more affordable new lathes, the gear trains are changed by swapping gears with various numbers of teeth onto or off of the shafts, while more modern or expensive manually controlled lathes have a quick-change box to provide commonly used ratios by the operation of a lever. I do need to get some pics posted, including the jet 14×42 variable speed lathe i picked up today!!!

Toolrest before it is brought into contact with the rotating wood and must never be lifted off the toolrest as long as it is in contact with the timber. Nova 48202 g3 wood turning chuck insert type is a 4 jaw self centering geared chuck, suitable for smaller lathes with up to 14 in. Swing. The gouge used in wood turning is beveled on the outside and is ground so that the nose is approximately semi-circular in shape.second hand wood lathe

I have to disagree with the Buck tools for everyday work, although I’m in complete agreement on the Powermatic 90. It’s an excellent lathe. Homemade 4jaw lathe chuck and face plate New headstock i wanted to try making a wooden fourjaw chuck for my lathe. The shellac keeps the dark filler from staining the flakes of the oak darker, and the pores of the wood fill in as before.