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Aliexpress is the best place to come to find useful wood moisture meters reviews. The non timber sale gives readings in the region of 1 or 2 percent normally so unless you are familiar with what this means I’d I stick to the wood moisture equivalent scale – I do. There are no instructions but what counts as dry depends on what you are testing – but as a guide on the wood scale, sub 10% is dry, up to 16% dry enough and over 16% needs checking.

However, I also understand from various reviews that readings are not always accurate or / and that the pins break after regular use, rendering the meter useless or damaged so much that it has to be replaced after a year or so. I also gather that these meters require the pins to be driven-in at least 5mm into the surface, which is often very difficult if one wishes to burn hardwood such as oak.

How They Work There are two types of meters on the market, pin and types of meters measure the effect of moisture on an electric current (pin type) or an electromagnetic field (pinless) to determine the moisture content (MC) of the wood (Photo 1).The beauty of a pinless meter is that it can quickly scan an entire board without putting holes in the can even take it to the lumberyard to test the wood before you buy; try that with a pin meter!

Both techniques are utilized by such moisture meter for quantifying % MC. Since such a meter gives the possibility to measure moisture content in substrates using both processes of reading wetness, one meter might be able to recognize trouble areas and after that even be utilized to pinpoint the exact place where build-up or moisture damage is happening.

While a user review can be a handy indication of what to expect in terms of feature usability or feel, very few users have the ability to accurately assess accuracy. It is always wise to buy a moisture meter from a merchant who offers a risk-free return policy. Investing in an outdoor moisture meter should take more research and investigation. Be sure to carefully check manufacturer specifications to ensure that the meter is designed to withstand outdoors conditions. Scales on these meters are similar to that of pin-type meters, where the wood scale reads %MC at 5 to 30%, and nonwood materials’ %MC is read on a relative scale of 0 to 100%.

Because this type of meter offers the option to measure moisture content in substrates using both methods of reading moisture, one meter may be able to identify problem areas and then also be used to pinpoint the exact location where moisture damage or buildup is occurring. Caleb White found it difficult to locate a meter that is reliable but not difficult to use. Once I rough turn a blank, DNA it for a couple days and let it dry for a week or two I will get similar readings to the commercial wood so I assume it is dry. If you dry your own wood, the probes can be left in a sample board in the stack to monitor the wood as it dries.

Most gardeners prefer moisture meters housed in metal or hard plastics for outdoor use. The majority of moisture meters on today’s market can handle a wide variety of temperature ranges. This is because they are kept inside and are not exposed to the outdoor elements, which can often damage meters that are cheap or ineffective. Since wood isn’t a homogeneous material, it’s a good idea to do a number of readings from the piece of lumber to determine whether or not the wood has dried evenly.

Five scales in concrete, plaster-work, two wood plus extension easy-to-read electronic display screen with 20 LED bar chart. The reading revealed is an intermediate measure of the moisture capacity from the total expanse and the highest depth of incursion. After the two probes, or pins”, are inserted into the wood, a small electrical current is passed between the points, and the amount of resistance is correlated into a moisture content reading. Ideally, due to its diversity, this type of meter could be utilized by the flooring specialist, IAQ specialist, general contractor and home/building inspector. When the samples’ moisture content remains constant, they have reached the equilibrium level.

Pinless moisture meters read moisture closest to the source of the magnetic field, in this case, at the surface. At around US$299.00 retail, the MMC220 moisture meter is an investment that requires a little budget consideration. This meter was designed to last users for years, and can operate reliably in temperatures anywhere between -4° and 158°F (-20° to 70°C).

With the number of variables that must be taken into account for any moisture meter technology, the underlying reality is that the technology used to assess moisture content has not changed significantly over the last two decades. Had the same problem with my moisture metre with it coming on in my pocket and killing itself,I would suggest a hard case for one if it’s a press on and off one.

This can clear up confusion where one interprets a %MC as dry versus one that is moderate and may require more thorough investigation to determine if a problem with moisture in the material exists, especially if a visible sign of moisture does not exist. This type of moisture meter can also be used for, but is not limited to, concrete, drywall, ceiling tiles and painted surfaces. The meter is ideal for contractors and installers, particularly of flooring, as it specializes in detecting moisture content under tiling and in subfloors underneath carpeting and wood flooring.

It will even read accurately on rough cut wood and won’t leave holes when you are checking surfaced lumber or finished projects. A moisture meter that was noninvasive can also be called a pinless moisture meter or a harmful. Another reason you should only burn dry wood is because it can actually be hazardous to burn wet wood in an indoor fireplace. Plus,pin meters can take readings on the edge of a board stacked for drying (Photo 3).

All meters require species adjustment tables or the user-entry of the correct species setting (for programmable meters). Individuals who are purchasing used moisture meters should be sure to ask why the meter is being sold. It can also detect moisture in masonry work, which is also prone to water damage if the material is particularly porous. I was surprised at how small it was (a bit bigger then a small box of matches) and didn’t realise that it has a setting to check other types of material’s moisture content (so you can see if your walls are damp).

His meter helps him determine when his wood is down to his desired moisture range between 6-7%. Using the principle of electrical resistance, pin-type meters use the board as an element in a circuit by driving two pins or electrodes into it. This method works because moisture conducts electricity well and dry wood is an effective insulator. Because the meter will not be exposed to the elements, the majority of indoor gardeners can buy meters housed in inexpensive plastics. Keep you hand away from where the moisture measurement is being taken or you can get a false reading from the moisture in your hand.wood moisture meters reviews

Gardeners who plan to use moisture meters both indoors and outdoors should choose a moisture meter designed for outdoor use. Oak for example dries slowly, so after one year will be acceptably dry on the outside while remaining above the 20% moisture threshold on the inside. There are a range of moisture meters out there and they don’t all work the same and they don’t all read the same.