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Moisture content chain of mountains of V to 30 inward wood and congeneric readings for walls and masonry. The moisture penetrates into the wood and creates, what is called in the historic restoration trade, dead, gray wood.” Even with careful scraping, which must be done while the surface coatings are hot and moist, a significant layer of the old wood is pulled up. An extra surface preparation step is required to sand away this now feathered wood to make it smooth for painting.

Even if the outside air is humid and warm, so may actually condense as visible moisture when it get into the basement, increasing recirculation of interior air – sometimes using the return air from the A/C system (so warmer and does not increase the relative humidity as much) can work well, depending of course on where your air handler picks up the return air.

In September 2011 the flooring was inspected by a certified hardwood flooring inspector the measure moisture content of the flooring and subfloor in limited areas ranged from 7.1% to 13.4%. The report implied that the moisture causing the cupping was from the concrete in the basement, there are no other indications of excessive moisture in the home.

Some of the major brands of engineered flooring that boast of their little to no formaldehyde emissions are Harris Wood , Mannington , Kahrs and Teragren Bamboo You can learn more about specific manufacturers by visiting their own website, as virtually every brand of hardwood flooring these days has their own site listing the company’s history, technical specifications, environmental stance, product lines and more.

You could check on that by tearing a hole about a foot around in the worst looking spot if it is drywall or panelled – if there is mold smell or black or fuzzy white mold/fungus on the back of the piece you take out, on the studs (or rust or free moisture if metal studs), or mold or dampness on the foundation wall then it is more than just interior humidity – you probably are getting moisture through the wall from outside.

You have to get rid of the moisture proublem, buy fixing the water from coming into the basement, or fixing the moisture problem, or leak that has accured in the basement, this is never a quick fix unless you have a leaking drain line, leaking water pipe, hvac drain stoped up or bad pan and in some cases it could even be coming from a roof leak that has not shown up in the home.

Ventilation should be with low moisture air (inside air – heated if possible, as warm air will collect more moisture when it mixes with the downstairs air) if possible, especially if you live in an area with high summer humidity outside, and the airflow has to be enough, and distributed around the perimeter of the room (large stand-up fan ?), to actually collect the moisture, and then of course it has to be vented to the outside to get rid of the now-moist air.

It will NOT stop actual leaks – just moisture diffusing through the foundation from the moist ground outside. Regular price is $50.00. Works just fine and gives the same readings as my meter that cost 10 times as much. When I am in New York I love to visit the Martin guitar facility across the river in Pa, the old building, where instrument building wood and supplies are sold. Apart from their usage in raw materials, moisture meters are used by building inspectors, carpenters, hobbyists who work with wood to know the moisture content of the materials.

Novel Carving a Rocking Horse programme aside Anthony Dew Carving type A Horse’s promontory Sir Henry Ellen Price Wood Carving pedagogy DVD away Ian Norbury Hand Carved Traditional Wooden Rocking Horses. Moisture readings that were recorded were ‘global’ there was no differentiation between surface, mid point and bottom of the flooring and subfloor. Once you thoroughly dry the basement and rafters and all cinderblock and wood with fans for approx.

Along with the CARB, the U.S. government has taken a stance against unhealthy off gassing with The Clean Air Act and, most recently, President Obama signed the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act, establishing specific limits for formaldehyde emissions, specifically from composite wood products. For leaves that are still attached to the branches, it works pretty well if they are dry, but it gets clogged on fresh, wet wood or leaves. This versatile digital mini moisture meter measures wood and other hardened materials to identify.