Camping Trailer

The quality, durability and construction of Keystone travel trailers has become legendary among customers who want only the best. The alarm bells went off when Guild members checked out an imported camper that looked solidly-made from checker-plate steel, had a large-section RHS drawbar, three steel spoked wheels with off-road tyres, a large drawbar toolbox, 85-litre water tank, steel-framed stone deflector, holders for gas bottles and jerry cans, a heavy-duty off-road coupling and a roomy tent.

Specialising in the manufacture of caravan annexes in both canvas and vinyl to suit all makes of caravans.Coffs Canvas is the leading annexe manufacturer on the mid north walls for your roll-out awning to bag annexes for your wind up camper or custom made annexes to suit any type of caravan or maybe a new roll-out awning ,stone guard,fridge vent covers,mesh walls,annexe flooring and window awnings,we’ve got your caravan covered.

Then, to secure the supports at their upper ends (as well as to provide an attaching point for the exterior tent poles), I cut two 8 inch lengths of the channel I’d used to extend the frame and drilled seven 1/4 inch holes through each piece two pairs in line through the part’s shoulders—about 4 inch apart and toward one end—and three in a triangular pattern in the base at the opposite end, as shown in the drawing.

The smaller Class B and Class C motorhomes can come in for less but still, that’s a whole lot of cabbage to have sitting idle on the side of your house or in a storage lot if you go out only a few times a year and don’t travel far. I am reluctant to try and give you advice which might lead to further damage your generator or camper. I used it on my trailer and it looks great, it’s easy to install and we found 18″ x 24″ sheets on amazon for only $9.99. GIC PTY LTD are able to offer our customers competitive finance on all camper purchases.

It will not work through the power outlet unless the camper is hooked up to a 110 volt supply! If you want to build a camper outfitted for off-grid camping you’re going to need a source of power. I want to make something like this, but I’m going to use an old 14′ boat trailer. Most campgrounds we visit have electric hookups for RVs and travel trailers, so I bought an electric heater. Its a 1976 Bell trailer and much like yours, in DESPERATE need of some renovating and repair!

We hope it proves useful for anyone contemplating their own camper trailer build and encourage comments and questions on each page. You can check out my camper reno here I’d say my biggest tip is to be very very careful when drilling into the walls. What makes a dangerous situation worse is that this price-leading trailer is targeted at the people most likely to be ignorant of towing legalities and responsibilities: camper trailer novices.

The Guild asserts that around four thousand camper trailers in Australia have been illegally registered and constitute a serious ongoing safety threat to their owners and to other road users. At first, I tried bunk style beds, but quickly switched to one large bed platform in the back half of the trailer. The last thing you want is your trailer to break down in the middle of the road. A homemade Keep Calm and Camp On” print, popped into an Ikea frame finishes our bunk off and keeps it feeling homey.

When I was a kid, my dad made over his VW bus into a mini camper with a gate leg table and blue check curtains. If you double up the cloth on the corners the whole camper will last longer than the next 3 cars you buy. The trailer must be filled with fuel or gas so that you don’t need to stop on the way to get fuel. In addition – the lights will not even work off my tow hitch pacakge (external marker lights work just not the camper lights). If for any reason it comes open while driving it would slam with tremendous force against the side of your trailer.