The Router Table

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ You’ll find answers to the frequently asked questions as well as basic rules. Studs mounted in the back of the table sides (hanger bolts) protrude through the vertical fence, which is secured in place with a pair of nuts. But for most DIYers, a store-bought router table is the best option since it comes ready-to-use with all the necessary equipment, including an adjustable fence, miter gauge, On/Off switch, dust-collection port and bit guard. I took your advice and went with some t-track for the fence and the guide rail.

Rout slots into mounting blocks to fix the rods against the table, then fasten them to the table blank with carriage bolts and wingnuts. Let’s learn how to build a quick and simple router table for beginners just under $10 in less than an hour. To make the recess for the plate, center it on the melamine and trace around it. Now mark another rectangle 1/2 inch away inside this one. You can just leave this plate attached to the router and lift it out of the table for hand-held operations. By mounting a router upside down in the table, you dramatically extend its capabilities. I did try using a friend’s small bench top router table just to see how it to make a simple router table

We’ve worked together to develop a plan, and you’ll see a few small mods just to make things a little simpler, but this one is really all Patrick. I have a purpose made sacrificial fence that attaches to the saw fence so I don’t damage the real one. I hope this post will encourage you to be creative with your workshop needs and to build your own router table or whatever else you require.

You must remember to include the thickness of this platter with the main top when calculating how much higher the sides must be than the top frame, as you want the table to be flush when in place. So far I have your tenon jig plan, mortise jig plan, router table plan, router fence, router lift, and out feed table plans. Also, I was not interested in just placing an MDF board between the main and extension table.

Two typical router bits: (top) a ¼-inch shaft Roman Ogee with bearing, (bottom) 1/4-inch shaft dovetail bit. We will therefore delve into how to make a router table in some simple step by step process. I used some construction shims to fill gaps under the frame, and checked with a straightedge to make sure my screws didn’t create any high or low spots (see photo). In addition to covering the techniques themselves, Hendrik shows you jigs that allow you to get more accuracy out of your to make a simple router table

Not only does this fence provide great support, you can add additional sub fences or T-Tracks as well. The most critical dimension is the width — the distance between saw fence rails; mine was 271⁄8″.The depth of the extension is somewhat arbitrary. PRS2100 isn’t really beginner friendly and while it can work well for low-budget router table, you will have to make a lot of adjustments and corrections before you can make the most of it. Here I am showing the router table top after sizing it to fit between the sides.

Before you can attach it to the rest of the assembly, you need to make the rabbeted cutout for the router. The accessory T-slots on both table and fence are perfect for installation of featherboards, stops, fencing risers, and changes. The lift may work with other routers, too, but study the Drawings carefully to verify the compatibility with your machine.

He demonstrates climb cutting methods both with a hand-held router and on a router table, always focusing on risk reduction. Here is one of the inserts, the two long sides will be attached to the main fence from behind, and they will capture the insert. In conclusion, if you’re looking forward to some serious woodworking projects in the coming year then this table is for you. Okay i have found the center and now I’m just going to use a forstner bit to drill out the hole that the router bit will come through.

After covering router and router table features, Hendrik then takes you through his personal recommendations for router bits you may wish to add to your collection. By the way, I disavow the detail in the plan drawing of the shop on page 58-59 of the same issue , which shows the woodworker’s router table with an insert plate and an insert ring. You can make your own router table easily enough, and many table saws have extension wings that accept a router. You clamp the tail board into the template and then use a dovetail router bit to cut the tails. Using a Festool vac with other brands will depend on how easily adaptable the dust port is on the non-Festool router.