Rabbit Welfare Assocation & Fund (RWAF)

If you have a problem registering or accessing an exiting account please post a message in the help section describing the problem. The more room your rabbit has to run around in, the more delightful you will find her as a companion. Loose droppings provide the best conditions for fly strike so if your rabbit is suffering from loose droppings keep a close eye on them and keep their fur clean. Although I am not in favour of these blocks in general, in cases such they can be very helpful in persuading the rabbit to turn his or her attention towards the blocks when the urge to groom excessively occurs. You can also build them to suit non-rectangular corners of your home to fit around your furniture.

This run should be large enough to allow your rabbit to run rather than just amble from one end to the other. Wild rabbits will know to run and hide from predators but a pet rabbit given the garden to live on might not know what to do. This is the same square footage as the recommended minimum run size of 8ft x 4ft, but gives the rabbits 36ft length of running area, and places to jump and dig.

Although you cannot play with your rabbit constantly, you can provide toys and boredom breakers to entertain your pet and you should exercise your rabbit outdoors regularly. Smallwise Trading Pet Play Pen Dog Rabbit Puppy Playpen Cage Folding Run Fence Garden Folding Mini. There are a few factors you must consider when purchasing a litter as some may not be suitable for your rabbit. As a result you will need to supervise your rabbit to make sure it doesn’t escape. Even during winter months rabbits should have the opportunity to exercise and shouldn’t be left in their hutch for long periods of time. Advantages: They can be placed over a small hutch or housing to incorporate a covered shelter.

When you are building a rabbit hutch you need to keep in mind a design that is very easy to clean, feeding them is easier and they have a lot of space for captivity. When our oldest bunny passed away at nearly seven, we wanted to adopt an older rabbit that needed a home. When positioning your rabbit house, think about the access other animals could have.

Rabbits are very scared of other animals who might want to hurt them so if you have cats and dogs please make sure the rabbit is kept a safe distance from them, even if they are just playing. If you feel that you may not be able to afford or build a spacious hutch or you cannot have a bonded pair, please consider a different method of housing as one rabbit at the end of the garden is one sad rabbit.

If you keep their personality traits in mind, it is easy to build or buy the right kind of rabbit cage. For example you can buy all the materials you need for about £50, then pay the carpenter about another £50 to build it for you. I think the very best option overall is to choose a design you like or create one of your own and pay/commission a local carpenter or small business to make it for you. You can use wood, metal, re-purposed furniture, and other materials to build a bunny condo.

In 1922 in the USA, Margery Williams wrote a children’s book The Velveteen Rabbit” with delightful illustrations by William Nicholson (14), telling the story of a stuffed toy rabbit and his desire to become real through the love of his owner, a little boy. The rabbit house should provide shelter and a place to sleep, but should not be the only living space. They are not nocturnal, so if your rabbit is up and awake late at night it is because he is not getting enough interaction and play time during the day. Stop immediately if the rabbit has a dirty bottom or runny droppings, often resolved by withdrawing the fresh food.build your own rabbit run

Although you cannot play with your rabbit constantly, you can provide toys and boredom breakers to entertain your pet and you should exercise your rabbit outdoors regularly. Vaccination sores usually get better on their own, just keep the area clean and dry, and sometimes applying baby talcum powder lightly to the area will put another rabbit off from paying the sore too much attention! Rabbits can be housed outside all year round in a good quality weatherproof hutch with a separate draught-free dark area, attached permanently to a secure run, as illustrated above.

If the rabbit is over 4 years old and the dental disease is not too serious, it may be possible to keep it in check with regular tooth burring by the vet, but this is not always an appropriate course of action. If the front feet are affected as well the rabbit will often shake its front paws and appear to bite them, but this should not be confused with the shaking of the front paws that often happens just before a rabbit washes its face (17). This can be placed anywhere in the house but common sense dictates that it should be in the room that the rabbit spends most of its time; for most people this is the sitting room.

I carried out a study on rabbit water consumption in October during a reasonably mild spell with temperatures during the day about 12°C. Matching an existing rabbit with a new companion is generally a routine procedure but seek advice and help from someone experienced in rabbit match-ups, or have a read of the bonding article elsewhere on the website.

Accessorise your Outdoor Rabbit Run with a Heavy Duty or Clear Cover in different sizes. Alternatively, you could just put your rabbit/s out in an independent run which could be moved around the garden as you liked. In cold climates, an outdoor cage is still an option, just pay close attention to ways to make life easier on that rabbit. If the run is separate, this makes it much more difficult to provide the necessary exercise. Even in a secure hutch, a rabbit can be frightened to death by a predator attempting to get in. If you use an enclosed rabbit house when your rabbit is outside make sure to bring all food, water and hay inside every night.

It is normal and essential for a rabbit to eat its caecotrophs (the droppings that have only gone through the system once) directly from the anus, and these droppings look quite different from the usual hard round droppings that you find left on the floor. If you must house a single rabbit outside, please spend a couple of hours a day to interact with your rabbit so he will not be depressed. One way to make a tunnel for your rabbit is to use a piece of poster board— you can even recycle one that you used for a garage sale sign. Set up the cage so the rabbit can get away from the children and have a safe zone”.

It is still likely to have started due to the skin being damp and warm, but once it has started it can then spread around the mouth and chin as well, transferred there when the rabbit is either cleaning itself or when it is consuming caecotrophs. Dexter is lifted from his hutch and into his run most days but he still spends most of his time in the hutch. You can add pieces of stick-on cabinet liner and top it off with towels or carpet to keep the wood safe and your rabbit comfortable.

By removing the sources of high nutrition (fruit, treats, carbohydrates and pellets) your rabbit will eventually become hungry enough to eat his hay. Rabbits are very clean animals but an overweight or very old or ill rabbit may find keeping clean more difficult and become an easy target for fly strike. Laminate, wood and tiled floors are more practical in terms of cleaning up any messes and in the amount of damage that the rabbit can do to them i.e. none. During hot weather, double check that your rabbit house is fully ventilated and prop the roof open if necessary to add a flow of air.

It may seem that I am stating the obvious, but a rabbit’s ears play a very important part in their awareness of what is around them, and they are also a vital part in communication between one rabbit and another. You’d think that online retailers are savvy when it comes to building, commissioning, stocking and selling rabbit hutches, considering the huge amount of people coming to their sites from all over the Internet. Selecting the most convenient dimensions will save a lot of work in the long run.

Hanging baskets (the type sold at garden centres) make great hay racks because they are cheap and hold lots more hay than purpose-built rabbit hay racks. This section is more about rabbits who have suddenly started to dig out their litter trays or hutch so that the soiled bedding is all over the floor or run, having been clean and tidy beforehand. Make sure the run is clean, and remove any dirty bedding or faeces so flies aren’t attracted to the run. Run one end of the zip tie around the metal where the shelf connects, then zip tight.