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Wooden furniture and any wooden related products can be shipped or imported into Australia for commercial reasons and non-commercial reasons. Chemical staining of wood is rarely carried out because it is easier to colour wood using dye or pigmented stain, however, ammonia fuming is a chemical staining method that is still occasionally used to darken woods such as oak that contain a lot of tannins Staining of wood is difficult to control because some parts of the wood absorb more stain than others, which leads to problems such as blotchiness and streaking.

Decorative wood items containing bark or wood exceeding 1.5 cm in thickness, dry cones, artificial Christmas trees containing bark or wood, branches exceeding 1.5 cm in thickness and wreaths containing branches exceeding 1.5 cm in thickness can be imported into Canada if fumigated with methyl bromide as described in Appendix 1 and if the moisture content is less than 20%.

Note 7: Wood species not meeting the requirements of Section 2.2 (Import requirements for lumber of tropical species) must meet the import requirements of section 2.1 (Import requirements for lumber of non-tropical species) or Section 2.4 (Import requirements for wood chips, bark chips, lumber, logs, telephone poles, cants, railway ties and related commodities).wood items

The import conditions set out in BICON include requirements for you to demonstrate that pest risks are mitigated through the manufacturing process or through approved treatments The department verifies that biosecurity risks have been adequately addressed by assessing evidence of compliance in documentation and/or by inspecting the goods when they arrive in Australia.

The walnut branch was book matched and the bark preserved to give the illusion of a single symmetrical piece of wood. By keeping to these conditions, you will help to prevent these insects and diseases which can have damaging effect on the country’s agriculture, natural environment, forestry industries, food security and economy from finding their ways to Australia. Cellular wood panels that have particle board on both faces aren’t classified under heading code 4410.

Another effective way to collect wood is to create a new World and cut down the trees generated within it, then delete the world once its easily-accessible natural resources are exhausted. History can provide many examples of invasive forest pests that have been associated with the movement of untreated wood products. A very very interesting woodworking project you can undertake is to make spoons and ladles of all sizes out of wood. Each piece of wood must attain a minimum temperature of 56° C through the profile of the wood for a minimum of 30 minutes.