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Achieve Success.

Two words. Then why is it so hard? Many want to know what one component is required to achieve success? Or is there such a thing as a smart goal? Job goals? Some call it luck, and search for luck quotes to stick by. Others believe bad luck is ever constant in their path. I don’t believe in luck personally; everyone with “luck” I observe works hard – very hard in goal setting and forgo many things temporarily to achieve it. They’re willing to get down in the trenches for a bit to have reward on the other side. Be uncomfortable. It could be a personal goal, professional goals or life goals.

To achieve success, you add all the due diligence, all the activities you’re willing to do for your goal – processed over time.

Read: “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, it’s an eye opener on how to achieve success! Set goals to keep yourself accountable; this could be one to start for you. Get yourself a lifecoach, good friend who shares your inspirations. Mine is Michelle DeMarco, take a gander at her blog, Mom of 4 and running multiple businesses.
I have come across many a “naysayer” as I’m sure you have. To achieve success, these people need to stay at a distance from you. Seriously, they will influence you. Naysayers are cowards in my book. They don’t wish to take risk themselves but they believe they have the right to influence another. Not only influence but view themselves as the expert in the matter.

What would naysayers know about the hardships to achieve success?

Dealing with difficult people has to be a direct approach. Ask yourself: “Why are they influencing me this way? Is it for my good, or theirs?” Honestly, you will have to spend less time around them. To achieve success, it involves staying positive, consistently working towards confronting fear and negativity, which lessens over time, closing the achievement gap. Then one day you see the real fears were your own “thoughts” & negative influence around the new venture – not the venture itself.

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To your prosperity!

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