Gluten Free Foods, Chompie’s Review?

Oct 30, 2011 by

When I heard Chompie’s had gluten free options, I practically ran over! Many of my favorite places in the past have become memories…and Chompie’s, being a Deli restaurant with amazing breakfast sandwiches, and known for making their own delicious bagels – I had no doubt if they offered gluten free foods – they would be amazing. With so many gluten free recipes out now, they’d have found the right one for their special customers.

What happened next is still a shock. A half hearted attempt was made and missed the mark, completely. Why is it other gluten free restaurants I’ve dined at that don’t create their own bagels and breads offer better choices when it comes to gluten free bread? More thought taken into consideration maybe? Or maybe the owner knows someone with Celiac or Crohns disease….really when it comes down to it, gluten free people want the same things as everyone else – just the gluten free version. Places are popping up all the time with gluten free recipes of their own: Picazzo’s and Mellow Mushroom for gluten free pizza, Tryst Cafe and English Rose Tea Room for breads and desserts, even Sprinkles for gluten free cupcakes. I just wanted that lovely egg sandwhich on a bagel, gluten free of course. Regular sized, probably in the “plain” category because I realize it is not cost effective to do more than that at this time, possibly since many their customers may not have a gluten intolerance, gluten allergy, or worse -  have celiac, colitis, or crohn s disease. :( Chompie’s is in the Phoenix area, if you’re here, please share this so we can help turn it around for a win-win for all.


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