Way back Home: Danny MacAskill Inspires!

Nov 12, 2011 by

Nothing is more inspiring and motivating than watching one just doing what they love to do, which happens to be incredible at the same time. Danny MacAskill has an amazing talent that came with many falls, bruises, crashes and pain. And yet through all that, look what one can do when they believe. Inspirational life stories are made of this. Sometimes we need inspirational stories to fuel our own ambitions. Motivational quotes are not heard or spoken through his video, they’re woven though every stunt. While doing all this he was also working as a mechanic; he doesn’t care much for competitions or what the judges want – just prefers to do his own thing. With natural style and ability, his talent and skill reminds me much of Shaun White – of the cycling world. He believed he can while staring down the face of  “I can’t.” Now after watching this, what’s your talent you’re not sharing with the world? ;)


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