Waist High Planter Box

Last week, while I was shopping for wooden ‘feet’ for my whitewashed trunk, I saw these mini wooden ‘bun’ feet and thought they’d make adorable little planters. When property owners and customers of DeepStream Designs contact me about large planter projects directly we make a conscious effort to direct them to at least consider the services of a Landscape Architect. The primary reason for water build up is a malfunctioning watering system, combined with a drain clogged by dirt or roots, NOT too small a drain. The nice thing about this planter is that you can be fussy building it or kind of casual.

If you are making a planter for indoors, you can use pine or any other type of wood that is suitable for indoor use. Adhere to all safety standards and guidelines, and be sure you follow safety protocol throughout your build. Yes, planter boxes are a great solution to a lot of gardening problems, but plastic or terra cotta planters can look cheap and clash with your personal style. How long the wood will last depends on the type of cedar and your local weather conditions.

Add a splash of color to your window sills with these painted wooden window boxes from Popular Mechanic The box itself is a basic trough design supported by two hefty handmade brackets. I bought some of the wood at my HL but I don’t think it’s planked – just regular lengths of wood, but the same building steps will work! So instead of buying the first planter box you find, check out this collection of magnificent planter box ideas-you’re sure to find the perfect style for your yard or patio! I guess I’m asking if the planter is too deep for the plants to peek out of the top.

And if you’re a little math-challenged, it’ll cost about $10 to build one planter. Out of all the plans, I really like this concept from Home Hardware that provides use for the window box year round. A contemporary garden can perfectly house a box planter that prevents overflowing of soils, making sure it does not cause a mess. They take up a huge amount of room in the planter anyway, so I’m kind of over failure with cucumbers. It’s possible to use dowels, if you put a reference mark on each surface where the dowel goes, and build a custom drilling jig.

I had actually planned on filling most of it up with dirt with maybe some rocks for extra drainage in the bottom, but it turned out that the planter my mums came in actually fit inside perfectly, so I just left it! These are the plants that he filled the planter boxes with just after he completed building them. The copper keeps insects at bay, and the fungicide prevents soil fungus from attacking the wood.wood planter designs

Join us to reduce this wood waste through recycling and also to build the cost-effective furniture pieces you are always in search of! To aid in drainage (and prevent rot or mold), use a drill to drill 4-5 small holes in the bottom of your planter. If you’re interested in placing an order for a custom Chevron Garden Box , please contact me through the StuffSethMakes Contact Page with more info on the sizes you need. We built ours with certified sustainable western red cedar, a wood that is responsibly harvested and will stand up to the elements outside your door.

Water-soaked roots can kill a plant in less than 24 hours, whereas baking and steaming roots in a single-wall planter or pot can take weeks, or even months, before the plant finally succumbs. Guard the planter against splintering by sanding or planing a generous bevel across the bottom edge of each panel. This potato box features modular sides that are screwed on as the plants grow taller, thus providing more space for your potato crop to develop. Cedar is a planter material native to North America that shares many qualities with teak.

This is such an EASY project that requires only basic tools AND there’s no need for a finish because I bought the wood like that! The cutting list is correct, there are 3 vertical 1×4 side boards between the corners on each side of the planter for a total of 12 side boards. You will most likely be able to eliminate this step as you will simply purchase the wood at the desired width, unless of course, you need to use up scrap wood like us! The last step is a suitable plant to seek out that would fit in a box and would be too hard for the layering structure.

Cut the tubing so that less than 2” protrudes out the side of the planter; a longer tube (like in my picture, below) creates a gravity pump that will drain the reservoir when it overflows. Or, use a knotty rough-sawn cedar and dispense with careful adjustments to produce a rustic planter well suited to life outdoors. Be sure to use a dresser made of solid wood rather than particle board, if it will be exposed to the elements. Also, any kit you could buy for less would have low quality wood and fall apart within a year. Each photo is detailed with the exact plants needed to create a gorgeous window box display – and they even show you where to plant them and how many of each plant you need.

I wound up with some Cedar wood shims I had leftover from my Fall Sunburst Wreath, a cast off Amazon box and 4 copper pipe holders leftover from my Double-tiered Wood Slice Serving Platter. We then primed the wood with a spirit-based primer, followed by two coats of external grade wood paint in satin. Better Homes and Gardens provides plans for another window box planter design based off the initial construction of a simple box. Long Wood Garden Planters are economically and rapidly assembled on site with DeepStream Designs’ light-weight multi-section design.

Our version uses inexpensive perforated drain pipe with a fabric sleeve in the bottom of the planter. Those who are up for a challenge will like its subtle double taper: Cut parts square and then trim away a few whisper-fine shavings of wood for a furniture-quality fit. The success of this planter relies on the soil’s ability to wick water upwards from the reservoir to the plants. The Family Handyman version is constructed from just three pieces of wood and the plans are sized to fit three 6 inch pots – though it can be altered to your liking. We start this collection with the simplest offering: a long, but narrow planter box constructed out of 2x4s.