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Kabel House Plans – Destinctive Acadian, Country French, Cottage and Louisiana Style Home Designs 1457 4H Road Denham Springs, Louisiana 70726 225-664-1455. These houses can be found all over Louisiana in some form; however, they have taken deep root in the lower parts of Louisiana in the Acadiana region in those parishes that were the first home to the exiled Cajuns: Terrebonne and Lafourche in the southeast; St. Mary and St. Martin in south-central Louisiana; and Lafayette, Iberia, Vermillion and the surrounding parishes on the western end of Acadiana.

Students also love Acadian’s storage; Acadian Hall features 2-student, hall bath rooms with large walk-in closets and large vanity areas in rooms in New Acadian.” New Acadian” references the large wing where the vast majority of students rooms are located that was added on to the original building, Old Acadian.” Only rooms 200-218 are located in Old Acadian,” and those rooms differ from the rooms in New Acadian.” See below for videos and layouts of the rooms.

We offer over 20 proven floor plans that can be modified to your personal requirements and complement your special tastes. The abundance of swamps and marshes previously made Acadiana difficult to access, a major reason for the near isolation of the early Cajun people, until oil was found in the area in the early 20th century. US Highways 90, 190, and 167 were the main connectors through south Louisiana until the 1950s.

You can also call (800) 724-1918 for tickets or go to these locations: The UPS Store (Lafayette and New Iberia locations) and Doug Ashy Building Materials. From the front look, you will have six white pillars of veranda that represent the traditional design of the past. Strong, solid, and without any pretensions or excesses, and this includes in the amount of room this style of home provides. As a whole, Nouveau-Acadian houses will be made of brick (though no longer insulated with bousillage) and will include a fireplace or two for aesthetic—if not wholly functional—purposes, a stucco-sided front gallery, and large Doric columns.acadiana house plans

The bedrooms are located on the first floor, including an intimate child’s room appointed with custom furniture. Most notable was the flooding south of Louisiana Highway 14 and the communities there. Acadiana is a contemporary Louisiana fish house, the only restaurant in the nation’s capital to serve Louisiana cuisine at a heightened level of elegance. Acadian homes are generally move up purchases with many personalized features and is a community that was created just prior to Hurricane Katrina. Builder must be licensed as a residential contractor by the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.

When you are searching for the best house designs, visit us. By searching thousands of possibilities, you can find the home plans that suit you best. Below the veranda’s lamps, two porcelains are placed to add the outer decoration of the house of this Acadiana home design. The upper loft can be used for almost any purpose you can think of, even storage if you choose not to use this area for living in. Very small home plans fit with the loft home design and style very well.

These homes were noted for their inclusion of massive Doric or Tuscan columns in the front of, and sometimes completely surrounding, the entire house, with intricate frieze work and elaborate home furnishings. In recent years, hurricane evacuation plans for the area’s growing towns and cities have hastened the planning and construction of better roadways. And lastly, if none of our plans are perfect for you, we can work with you to design your dream home from concept to completion. First built in Louisiana and Canada, this style of home design and architecture has a lot of appeal, and many benefits.