How To Finish Wood Furniture For Use Outdoors

Common clear wood finishes are usually separated into two types: film-forming and penetrating. Teak furniture left in this state is easily maintained and needs no treatment whatsoever to give many years of service and this is about as easy as outdoor furniture maintenance can get! Then, choose a top-quality marine exterior spar varnish (lacquers and shellacs do not make good outdoor finishes because of their sensitivity to water and their brittleness). One more thing – note that pressure treated wood come in two varieties: above ground and ground contact.

Choose the Right Finish: Just as a long-sleeved shirt provides protection from sunburn, multiple coats of an exterior finish help protect furniture from UV rays as well as moisture. For the application – Polymerized Tung Oil is burnished into the wood using a buffing machine with a steel wool pad. This will protect cut ends and help keep the wood from checking, cupping, and warping as the wood dries out. If you plan on using all of the beeswax wood sealant in one project you could also just leave it in the measuring cup.

By comparision, I finished an outdoor mahogany picnic table with 4-6 coats of Sikkens Cetol with a cedar tint in 1995 and never touched it again. Waterlox Marine Sealers & Finishes preserve the integrity of the wood for marine and outdoor finishing projects, while providing premium protection. Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer will keep your outdoor wood looking new and natural as long as wood sealer for outdoors

If you must drill holes in the wood after it is finished, be sure to smooth the edges of the holes and coat the inside of the holes with the finishing material. Regardless of how you finish your wood deck, maintenance is essential—and, in some cases, as easy as wielding a broom. CPES&#153 will be absorbed by the wood readily and when fully cured (2-5 days) will harden the surface and provide and excellent prime coating for paint. APPLYING TEAK SEALERS (recommended) – We highly recommend using SEMCO Natural, Honeytone pre-tinted or Clear sealer on outdoor teak.

If you have your pieces on the edges of your patio, obviously things like sun and rain will have easier access to it. When a storm is coming, or a particularly hot and sunny day, pull your outer-edge furniture towards the center of the patio to keep it away from the harsh elements. I would assume durability is the most sought after quality of outdoor finishes, so when it comes time to choose a finish for my outdoor projects, that is what I will be shooting for.

Clear water-repellent preservatives (described under Sealers,” previous page) with UV blockers can slow down this natural aging process, but will need to be reapplied every year or two to keep the wood from turning a weathered gray. Treated: By far, the most commonly used type of outdoor wood is treated, specifically pressure treated pine or fir. The finish darkened the wood more than most, likely because of the linseed oil color in addition to the exposure to the sun. Sanding or a heat gun is far preferable, as they leave no chemical residues in the wood.

I am a woodworker who just used treated wood for an outdoor product and had the same question you did. The USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) has done extensive research on how to keep paints and stains on wood sidings and trim. I recently acquired (2) 1950 – 1960 mahogany (red wood) oversized end tables/coffee tables (3’x3’x3′) imported from Hong Kong and were stained wood sealer for outdoors

Water repellents that contain a small amount of wood preservative are called, not surprisingly, water-repellent wood preservatives. This problem is most common in the southwestern states where wood beams and siding on buildings are exposed to long periods of intense sunlight. At the right we have a picture of a severely damaged column after the rotten wood has been removed.

TEAK OIL (not recommended) – Teak wood itself has natural oil within requiring no treatment to be used indoors or outdoors. Eventually, if left alone, the color of teak furniture kept outdoors will fade away even more to leave a light, silvery gray. Hemp Shield is suitable for wooden decks, fences, stairs, siding, shutters, furniture — anything wooden that is exposed to the weather. So far, four wood finish systems have failed, all by having a topcoat separate from the sealing coat in a relatively small area of the board. One gallon covers approximately 150 to 350 sq. feet (13.9 to 32.5 sq. meters) depending on wood texture and porosity.

Hemp Shield, manufacturers of hemp based construction materials, is proud to announce the market release of Hemp Shield Wood Finish and Deck Sealer and Hemp Shield Log Home Treatment — The first and only penetrating wood finish containing 100% hemp oil that is produced in the United States. This will be going on an outdoor covered patio, so direct sunlight and rain isn’t a huge concern.

For a natural wood finish, exterior varnishes or polyurethanes provide better protection and last longer, but they take more time and patience to apply. It will stop all splitting of any type of wood and prevent mildew from growing, and as a bonus will give your deck a just finished look for many years, all products fade with uv light, so you want to use a semi transparent which has the most amount of pigments. With very porous wood, the sealer may soak into porous growth rings and build up on the more dense growth rings.