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TargetTarget. Wow! Target has selected art from my licensing division to be part of their Fall Line later this year. In hindsight, I’m so glad I did not see the future or roads ahead. I still can’t – and that’s the way I prefer it. Don’t you? That way we can’t set limitations on a future we don’t currently comprehend or see how large a scale it can encompass. Sometimes we just need a little faith and weather the storm. By storm I mean simply bending with the challenges we face and work with it instead of going against it. The “it” in this case – the unknown. So much of life does not come with a rule book or guide, does it? Sometimes if we want the answers, we may have to be the guinea pig of finding the answer first – before we can even begin to share with others. More and more I see there is a realty of investment, and really giving of yourself relentlessly – before the rewards can come.
But isn’t that the way of everything? I have to share with you – this set was a real headache! LOL. Licensing has taught me much about perception and another audience all together. Things  taken for granted or use at liberty don’t necessarily translate :) So the art you see before you was painted several times! Attached are the 3 major stages it went through for you…starting at the top to the bottom, the final selection at the bottom here with the border.

By the time the set was done this girl was ready to pull her hair out, I could not truly “see” how the renderings did not translate as “flowers” for the client. They wanted tons of texture so I had to build up the layers of oil paint and yet they still needed the petals be very soft and delicate. Every part of the flower had to be really three dimensional and more attention and detail on the center of the poppy. This was hitting in conjunction with several other art “sets” also in progress at the time. It was really forcing growth – mentally and physically. A bit spent, I remember confiding in my dear friend: “Jo, this is so challenging….not sure if it can be done…or I’m the one that can pull it off….” She responded: “You can’t give up – you’re living the American Dream! You HAVE to keep going!” I responded: “Yes, Yes – you’re absolutely right….but I’m tired!!”


You know how you just know the answer is “follow through?”. No way around it – just grin and bear it. The set finally got to a place we were all happy with, and my licensing guys thought it was a home run for any publisher. The universal, eternal run for any one of them. But no one wanted it – no one wanted to take these painstaking over sized red poppies where so much love and effort were poured into….. Months went by, few had himmed and hawed….no commitments.  This is important, because it’s the time where we all feel like throwing in the towel. We have to STOP believing our efforts only have VALUE when another recognizes it. And not just any “someone” – the someone with value and creditability.  Of course we all want that recognition from the top dog/s in our field – it validates everything for many. But this is wrong to give them 100% of you; somewhere deep down we have to find that balance of being flexible, professional – but also being our #1 Fan. We have to remember this, it truly can apply to these matters of the heart:

“In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place.”
Mahatma Gandhi:

After the publishers’ were done with the originals and promoted them without fail for several months to many international retail stores, they shipped the originals back home. It was bittersweet. Pulling them open, I thought: “Well, while I don’t understand why they didn’t “speak” for all we showed them to – these are a beautiful set regardless; and they will find a home!” You see, it’s very important not to sell yourself down the river in these dark times.

Then this email arrived unexpectedly in my inbox:

“Dear Deborah,
We are in LA now just having met with AIM and ICA. our schedule was a moving target this week.

the good news speaking of Target is that your Modern Poppies have been selected for release sometime this fall!!”


Talk about getting knocked over with a feather! What everyone else passed up – the Mother Ship Target took on and proud to do so. What a lesson for all of us – just because we can’t “see” doesn’t mean someone isn’t watching. Doesn’t mean something isn’t at work behind the scenes – and when it does come to fruition – are we ready for it? The time lapse on this project from start to approval process was 24 months. Day 33 Smile of 1000 smiles goes to Perseverance, may you always persevere.

How did I learn this? Well I’m not a wizard, I had to learn how as well, lol! Here’s more information if you need to learn it quick. Since it is the life blood of your online business, I recommend getting quality info fast and you can be crushing your business in days rather than years.

To your Prosperity!

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  • Dr.Divya

    patience does pay off and ur experience is a beautiful example to just hold on..:-)the verse where somebody is watching over is beautiful:-)

    • Deborah

      TY so much Divya! :) Glad you enjoyed and it meant something to you.

    • DeborahAPeters

      Aww, TY Divya! So glad this registered with you :)

  • http://www.desertlife360.com/ Clifton Orson

    WOW, Congrats! Way to keep moving forward!

    • Deborah

      TY Clifton!!

    • DeborahAPeters

      TY Clifton – crazy, huh? Just a nugget to remind us all of what great things can happen!

  • http://www.michelledemarco.net/ Michelle DeMarco

    Can I feature this on my blog?  This is so amazing!!!

    • DeborahAPeters

       I’d be honored and very, very grateful if you did!!

  • Tiffani Maynor

    Wow made me see things differently. “Regardless of the how much work you may put into that one thing, don’t hesitate or feel discouraged because time will tell.”  – Tiffani Maynor

    • DeborahAPeters

       You’re exactly right Tiffani!! :)

  • Tiffani Maynor

    I would love to see this poppy seed print on a comforter set too. :D  

    • DeborahAPeters

       They just may do that; it could very well be put on all home decor – how exciting! TY for your kind comments

  • http://www.facebook.com/gobind.boyes Gobind Boyes

    Thank you, what a wonderful post.

    • DeborahAPeters

      You’re welcome, thank you!

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