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Dec 20, 2012 by

inspireInspire. Tonight is one of those nights to inspire.

It’s 3:51 am in the morning, and instead of sleeping, I’ve been up editing this inspire video!

Why did it take 3 hours and another chunk to write this, and why was it so important? Because the video literally is biographical, not just for me, anyone with a fire in their belly. Anyone with a dream, who wishes to inspire, that’s who this post is for. The video shares the story and struggles along the way as an artist over the past 5 years.



Your mind, body and soul are fed when you’re growing.

You grow when you leave your comfort zone. You inspire others when they see you do this. You become leadership material by default.

It does come at great cost. The cost never outweighs the reward. You’re guaranteed never to go further until you take the necessary steps, one at a time to learn. God is a great teacher. He rewards those who are patient, willing to work and will always lead those who wish to “see”.

Art has taught me that seeing has more to do pride than anything else. We cannot listen till we’re willing to hear. We cannot see if we’re not looking. We cannot learn if we cannot be honest. “You paint with your brains, not your hands”, as Michelangelo said. It’s the same with any successful business model. It’s a skill you get comfortable with over time. And yet the desire to become better and inspire is not something you can give another, nor have anyone take away. You’re here because you too, wish to be “all in”. Not 80%. Not 90%. Not 99%.

100% YOU.

Be thankful for your drive – you’re paving the future for tomorrow.

Have the courage to invest in yourself, market yourself, your business and talent and find your Lifelong audience you’ve built a connection with. I make money on this blog, You can do this too! Just click this link, put in your email and get started.

To your Prosperity!

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  • Gary

    Nice, just what I needed to hear :)

    • DeborahAPeters

      Aww, so glad I could be here Gary! :)

  • Randy Mortensen

    Well done…..”the cost never outweighs the reward”. Those are incredible words of encouragement and challenge. Count me as all in!

    • DeborahAPeters

      Thank you Randy :) What do you do?

    • Deborah

      Thank you very much Randy – what do you do?

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