How to increase your website traffic results by 200% – even on holidays

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online marketing

Online Marketing.

It sure can be tricky…so many shiny objects out there to distract you. Seems every minute there is a new program or way to increase your website traffic.

Which one works? And do you desire to post for profit?

Like our fingerprint, your niche is one to experiment with. But

let’s start with 3 fail proof strategies that will get you great results with online marketing.

1. Be real, Be YOU.

Phonies don’t make it in online marketing. Just like Art, or any business for that matter. What makes your “brand” is your stamp of genuine. I always think of a brand label in leather…it lasts over time, is durable. In order for you and your content to be engaging and stick, you must be the authority on your subject with staying power. You’ve got to have skin in the game, your skin.

online marketing2. Target your Audience.

In the beginning, I know where you’re coming from. You just start posting about things you can consistently talk about so you grow your content, praying people find you. Find that magic between what you enjoy and how it helps another – this is how your content becomes valuable. The more value, the more stick, the more growth. By targeting the people that can use your content and enjoy it the most as oppose to trying to reach “everyone” – you go from being “gray noise” in a crowded room to standing on a stage with a mic. Share your content with appropriate groups within your social media profiles;  Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

3. Consistency.

This rolls right back up to #1 – this right here goes back to how “real” you are and the message you’re sharing. Anyone can do something temporarily; however, when you stay the course, you are then perceived as the authority on your subject and content. See how that works? In #1 you are taking ownership and conveying your authenticity in your message. In #3 your audience is echoing that message back to you, agreeing. The more others agree and engage, the more website traffic results you’ll have. Even on Holidays!! Hope your Thanksgiving was great yesterday, here’s a shot of the fam and the famous homemade rolls! lol

online marketingYour online marketing is golden.

Continuing your education is also key; if you’re going to get good at online marketing, you cannot have a broke mentality. I’m amazed at how many people I find that want website traffic and to make money online, but they set themselves up for failure.

If you’re looking to increase your online marketing results and make money, then be sure to invest in YOU, your business. This is the cheapest expense you’ll ever have – truth! I use Empower Network to stay on top of the latest valuable training that directly applies to my business. Here’s a great module on “Posting on Purpose for Profit”

To your Prosperity!

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PS: Online Traffic will get you Leads, Leads will get you Sales, and Sales will get you Freedom. Don’t be a WUSS – Are you All In?

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