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valuesValues. The day is full of color listening to Tony Robbins: Personal Power. It’s time to paint :) Do you give yourself days like this? Time for being constructive and creative, while you’re pouring something out – you’re letting new ideas come into your mind?


until his voice poured through my living room with it’s blatant truth, there were values shared that are so black and white – and yet you may not even realize how these values have shaped your thoughts, life, and patterns.

The things you think most about dictate your direction in life. He gets specific: it’s the things you love, and the things you hate. Or rather, the feelings associated with those things, because things have no feelings or meaning – until we apply one to them.

Values. These are called values. You may have discovered what I did, first – I had the definition of value wrong!

For the examples here, values come from the things we “evaluate” and form beliefs about. Some of the evaluations, or values are true from experiences, others are not at all, but rather emotions that we have “chosen” to associate with those things – good or bad. Did you know they can be changed?

If you knew that so many decisions and experiences you have right now, could be changed by reprogramming your “values” and belief about them – would you do it?

So, your mind is constantly running a projector of emotion and imagery of these values you love, and the values you hate. They are filing cabinets. Now experiences get filed in those compartments. Some of them are dusty, maybe you have found that as I have – some of these values & beliefs have been there an awfully long time.

Do you have some things either in your personal or professional life that you have formed belief values on, that have held you back? Do you know it’s held you back?

For example: Public Speaking. If you are someone afraid of speaking in front of people, you may feel there is no hope of ever changing that.

Let’s turn that negative value association into a positive value. It will be uniquely different from person to person, but think on a positive experience, something you love to do. Something you really love, and can talk about for hours with a good friend. Spend time on this, dig out all the great feelings and emotions you have with it, even write them down. Now imagine yourself sharing it with a group of people who are keenly interested in what you’re sharing. Imagine lighting up a room and smiles as you continue to talk and by then taking a place on stage and sharing with a warm welcome, and a crowd applause. Imagine a standing ovation at the very end. Continue to write down all those positives, one by one so you see them, feel them. Now at the very top, write: Public Speaking. Let your eyes associate all those words, feelings & imagery together.

See how you can reprogram your mind on the topic all together? Now when the topic comes up, you don’t feel that negative twinge you had before….If you had known this and practiced this techniques through the time of high school-forward – how different would your life be? I included this picture because seasons happen, life happens – but the beauty is in what we see and associate with it.

Today is your day.
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    Tony Robbins is so motivating to keep me on track thanks Deb

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