Top 7 websites that funnel traffic to your website

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website trafficWebsite Traffic. Gotta share this list with you, internet marketing has been a real eye opener.

There’s many ways to get website traffic to your website – but what ones do it organically and FREE?

it’s good to start here, then move on to building an online budget for advertising. But here is where you’ll see your website’s worth – the kind money can’t buy.

If you’re looking to spread your influence, talent, gain recognition or build your business, (or all of the above) make sure these are referring website traffic to you:

1. Google
2. Youtube
3. Stumbleupon
4. Linkedin
5. Facebook
6. Twitter
7. Diggit – no link, just sign up

*Bonus: Pingomatic – Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.

I don’t pay for any of the above websites to refer website traffic over. The key is once you publish your post, share it EVERYWHERE.

The beauty of having a WordPress site hosted by Godaddy – is you can actually see your stats in the back office and where the traffic is coming from.

The list above is in order of importance, honestly, some days Stumbleupon trumps Google in the numbers. Usually Google will come first, then Youtube – Google owns Youtube and though it’s not a search engine, it’s the 2nd most used site being utilized as one.

From there, Linkedin comes next, because it’s business focused, you can target groups you’re in to share your post.

Facebook is more social, it depends upon your audience there – friends or business?

And last, Diggit is another bonus, it’s like the newspaper version of Stumbleupon.

All posts should be Pinged.

A lot, yes? But well worth it. It doesn’t cost a dime and blankets you EVERYWHERE, which brings creditability. It’s the voice and referral you have to share without YOU saying it – which just looks good.

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