Be Successful, the difference between success and failure

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be successfulBe Successful. Actually, this post is the difference between successful people and those that fail.

Here are your top “flags”

Successful people:

1. Visualize and dream
2. Clarify their goals
3. Are willing to take action before they have “it all figured out”.

Have you heard this before to be successful? Successful people are willing to take action, take risk towards big goals – even before all the pieces are perfect.

While the means may be in question, the end result is not. The vision is not, it is crystal clear. Do you see why this is so important to be successful? Once you decide on something, your mind will find the way to achieve it.


successful quotesSo, in the process here you’re very quick on your feet and in problem-solving mode. Which is exactly where you need to be successful, because there will be constant changes and adaptations along the way.


The road to be successful is about how you move with it. Are you willing to go with the current or fight against it?



Unsuccessful people:

1. Do not visualize
2. Do not set clear, precise goals
3. Are not willing to take action until every detail is figured out.

Now, the problem with this approach, is while you’re “waiting”, by the time you do figure it out, the game has changed! Unsuccessful people do not allow themselves to be adaptable with the process of change; they’re rigid. The worst thing you can be while charting a new course or discovery is “set in your ways” – unless your ways have already achieved more success than you can handle! That is the fast track not to be successful.


To get even biblical here, it boils down to:
Are you a doubting Thomas or not?


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inspirational sayingsBe Successful, have faith. See what is not yet manifested, visualize the realty before it happens. When I began this blog, I knew nothing about online marketing. I had just finished my “Crush It” book by Gary Vaynerchuk, I was ignited to make a name for myself on the net regarding art, and online marketing. Why? I was sick of the art business, being a victim of those preying on creatives doing just about anything for the sake of exposure! These crooks know you need exposure, and you’re at their mercy.


Just galleries for an example. I only talk to those referred. Why? Because it’s not uncommon for some galleries in this biz to not pay their artists when work sells – they pay everything else; electric bill, employees, etc. Then there are those that close down, declare bankruptcy, move to another state with the artists’ work – and open up in a new town.


deborah peters artYou can’t find them, locate them, and there went all your paintings. Oh they’ll sell them, you’ll never see a dime. It’s cut-throat robbery. I know people that this has happened to. It’s evil.

And it ain’t gonna happen here. Like anything, take it to the people. You can take your brand to the people, learn how here.

And I have this firmly planted goal to help other creatives who are just struggling on the business side. They don’t have a lot of cash for start-up, but they have huge dreams and goals, and they’re willing to learn what they don’t know. If this is you, you need to know what I’m doing here online is actually building clients. Not only traffic coming to this blog, but clients signing in my list left and right. Clients that are building my business. It’s the same exact foundation for all businesses to make money.


Do you think you deserve this as well? Isn’t it about time? In order to be successful, it’s all about taking action in the right way, period. Especially online. Be on the right course and also flexible, I can teach you how. Here’s a fail-proof system I now use created by my 2 mentors, Dave and David, only wish it was around when I started this blog! Click here, put in your email and get started.

See ya on the other side-

To your Prosperity!

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