Downton Abbey Season 1; Timeless “What If?”

Feb 10, 2013 by

downton abbey season 1Downton Abbey season 1. I’m watching this series on netflix,
love period tv shows and films!!

In this particular episode, there are two unique individual
stories woven together in the downton abbey house,
1 of a servant, the other a lady of the house.

The one girl who desires a life outside
being a servant-
she’s been learning how to type
to become a secretary.

Her correspondence has all been kept
secret for fear if anyone in the
downton abbey house found out-
she’d be ridiculed,
or even fired.


The eldest daughter also has a fleeting moment of choice-
the choice includes freedom to make up her own mind…

And in that one moment; she finds happiness.

But as quick as it came, it also left.

In an amazing way, the servant who has nothing,
has more because of her support and
freedom to pursue her hopes-

and dreams.

But the eldest daughter of the downton abbey house…
is locked in the era of the time-

her dreams unveiled will only unravel her future
and hopes.

Isn’t it something how this Downton Abbey season 1
history of a time just a few hundred years ago is still
relevant today?


Because we’re all up against these same
obstacles- even today! You want your
own success story.

You desire to do what you wish to-
but don’t because…

It’ll rock the boat…
it’ll disappoint someone,
maybe even someone significant.

Or, you don’t honestly believe you
can do it. You doubt yourself.

You constantly argue with the thoughts
in your head.

The ones that always seem to pop up with
negative reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

So that question of “What if?”

Slowly but assuredly fades into
the darkness.

Roi on social media, online marketing deborah petersJoining other the shattered hopes and dreams.
That were all once “upon a time” in your
success story.

Friend, I’ve been there, asking those
same questions. I’ve sifted through the
dusty attic and broken shards of glass that

They always cut because that “What if?”
question is not going away.

It won’t go away until you take a chance
on you. It won’t be easy, it may not even
be supported, but you’ll have peace because
you chose to bet on you.

And doing something that is “Yours” is
something truly rewarding in a way
other things are not.

Truer words were never spoken.

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