Fine Art to do today…Contemporary Art

Feb 15, 2013 by

Internet MarketingFine Art to do today…

So many ideas running through my head, excited!
Got some challenges ahead working in a more
contemporary art style-

taking everything I’ve learned in watercolour
techniques and now create some new pieces
that come together with an effortless

All with water. LOL.

The thing with watercolour art-
water goes where it wishes to.

All you can do is try to manipulate it’s

So, today is off to the races with more
contemporary botanical canvas art,
and I’m playing with new ideas for
horse paintings as well.

deborah peters artI want to merge the watercolour paintings-
the techniques into the horse art…

Have that vibrant loose but lively feel
and color-

but at the same time abstract. I know it
sounds funny but I’ve been nervous…

My first attempts were not so successful…

You’ll be the first
to see what comes of all this!

For now, I’m signing off, much to do today…
but first wanted a post out to ya because this
blog has been my best friend in terms of
sharing and building a following-

And helping others build an online biz thru
their blog and talent as well. I owe it all
to these two, David and Dave – who have shared
the nuts and bolts
of this – let you see behind the curtain

when so many others don’t. Click here to see what
I mean.

Easy Plug and Play, with that-
Off to the races~

To your Prosperity!

Deborah Peters Phoenix Artist

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