Golden Eagle Picks Up Baby, Fake Youtube Video?

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golden eagleGolden Eagle. Check out this Golden Eagle that picks up a baby on Youtube, it appears shocking at first, but take a closer look.

Coming from a computer animation background myself, I know what to look for but it’s neat someone took the time to dissect this and point out all the errors.

First rule: Seamlessness. Well, that word is underlined as though it’s not a real word and it may not be but this is going to work just fine for this viral post on this Golden Eagle! Check out what I mean by viral blogging here – it’s absolutely crazy.

So, in most computer generated effects, the first element in making it believable is that it seamlessly blends into the environment. This comes down to:

Surrounding objects reacting to the 3D element

As he notes in the video,

not only does the baby not move as one really would if being picked up by a golden eagle and carried, the parent also does not react at all to the commotion.

If it were real, he’d be screaming from what he saw out of his peripheral vision!

The funny thing about all of this, they made this golden eagle video for one purpose only; to go viral on youtube – which it is. To add to that, I’m sharing it with you for the same reason!

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  • Michelle DeMarco

    Awesome article. Some people have too much time on their hands…LOL

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