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I love taking horse pictures. There’s a human quality I see in them, a story. This oil painting here is one created from my horse pictures, I paint from high resolution photos. I love to bring to the viewer to the horses in a way you’d experience in real life, like you’re standing there.

So, you’ll notice a very different camera angle here to see them. These horses were getting soaked the day I was out there with them, getting soaked myself! But look at the story that unfolded from these horse pictures, into this oil painting.


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This paintings for sale is named “After the Rain” and measures 34″ wide by 46″ tall including the frame. The price is $3,150 including the museum-quality frame. Do you have a space just looking for a beautiful story to fill it?

Just email me, I also do commission work. I love working vertical because it fits in every space! I do horizontal paintings as well.

I absolutely LOVE sharing what I do online, I can reach people that are truly looking. In the past, the only way one would see this or be able to buy is through a show I do in the Southwest or through one of my galleries, if they happen to be in Aspen.

Economy has hit all of us hard, so I’ve streamlined my expenses and taken my exposure online, glad you’re here.

Thank you for visiting!

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  • Michelle DeMarco

    You know I’m going to commission you for the horses!!!

    • DeborahAPeters

      Looking forward to it!!

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