Horses of canvas art by Deborah Peters

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Horses of canvas art.

Spring Run has always been a special piece of horse art that forever has a place in my heart. The Original is in my Aspen Gallery, the licensing world is also promoting it and for my enjoyment I just uploaded it on Deviant Art. You can visit that gallery here.

The story begins with an introduction to Gypsy Vanners. In Europe, they are referred to as Gypsy Ponies, though they are a small draft horse – the kind of draft horse that is small enough to ride. Gypsies took to them because they are so beautiful and showy, with the gorgeous colors and feathering feet, exaggerated manes.

Horses of canvas artMy story with these Horses of canvas art began the day I went out to photograph them. I wasn’t prepared to see such a lively horse move so playful and childlike – to be as large as they are! It’s like they weigh nothing. And they love to run and play, flirt, tease, with you and each other. The photo session was quite fun and had to be captured the right way for these Horses of canvas art to be real.

As an oil painter, I love how the oils and brush work let me create hair, these pictures of horses paint themselves. Such beautiful equine subjects, I love finding as many colors dancing in their coats as possible. I want them to be shared with the world, you can get lost in their story. If you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends.

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