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linkedin Marketing,deborah petersLinkedin Marketing. How awesome would it feel to get this notice? I’m going to share with you how. Your online marketing efforts within your social networks can really be showing the effectiveness of your brand,
in an organic way? The kind money can’t buy, in regards to Linkedin Marketing.

I want this for you too, I’m going to show you exactly how I did it so you can then use it towards your Linkedin Marketing to get great results.

Of course you’ll want to have to set up an account on Linkedin, fill out your entire profile, this will take
some time but you don’t want an incomplete profile for people to come visit.

Now, here is where I failed in the beginning with my Linkedin Marketing…I only posted to updates. And pretty much, only those connected to me already saw the updates…so I was really good at letting my friends know what I
was up to, but I wasn’t reaching new people, or getting new connections.

No good. YOU want fresh eyes seeing your content. And you want consistency.

Top 4 Tips for Linkedin Marketing:

1. Set up a complete LinkedIn profile.

2. Join other groups within your area of expertise. As many as possible.

3. Blog daily, or as much as possible within your schedule. After every post, share within your specific groups, as well as your updates. Keep it related of course, I don’t share ALL posts in all groups, just the ones appropriate.

4. Always watch for notices, comments, and likes, follow up with those engaging in your post. Comment after their comments.

This activity sky rocketed my presence within linkedIn and it will for you too. People from my groups began coming over to see who I was, what I do.

I’m certain you know the value here, being able to share who you are, what you do with many people at once with Linkedin Marketing. And not just any people, people who desire to know. You’re reaching your true warm market.

To your Prosperity!

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